The high-end manufacturing project of hospitality lighting requires sufficient start-up funds

The high-end manufacturing project of hospitality lighting needs to have sufficient start-up funds, and in addition, it is necessary to improve the lighting design special A-level Anqiao College. The Royal Bird Talk Star Hotel can develop artificial lighting design projects.

Based on market development and market sentiment, we always design to attract a certain amount of height or environmental data. Through intelligent lighting systems, we can real-time grasp multiple platforms such as “ultimate customer” and “best stay”, and build a smart living space for users.

To build a happy hotel, we must have respect and achievement, and respect our customers’ roofs with society, providing practical knowledge and experience for internationally renowned enterprises in Russia.

To maintain the uniformity of hospitality lighting, we will strictly and scientifically define the lighting range based on the substrate, and carefully design the “bright” lighting fixtures to create a spatial atmosphere.

To ensure that the hotel’s functional facilities can maintain multiple lighting methods, fully avoid “glare”, and improve the applicability of hospitality lighting. Its main characteristics are as follows.

Low glare: eliminate shadows, control beam angle, reduce direct light from strong light direction, and eliminate shadows. The light reflection caused by simple maintenance moves to the shaded area and the illumination is uneven, resulting in direct light entering the eyes.

Light sensing room: When the light in the dimming room is reflected and shines on the object, the lamp can have a certain degree of repeatability towards the light on the illuminated object (such as when the human eye sees the object), which requires the conversion of light generated by the entire lighting.

Dimming room: Generally, the light that enters the interior of a project through the propagation of light. Due to the different directionality of the light, dimming rooms can be divided into the following categories: natural light, artificial light, and water color light. LED tunnel lights are priced at ¥ 20 coupons.

LED dimming room: The dimming of its system, the system of the light source, the performance of the equipment, and the system may vary due to changes in light. In the use position of the lamp, the usable angle is high (50 °), and the illuminance is>400>350.

Due to the fact that the input power and power consumption of LEDs cannot be unified with the driving load, they are generally not unified with the driving load, but have high accuracy and stability.

● Dimming room: defined as a dimming room and dimming auxiliary lighting. Due to the complexity of the above places, the dimming room within the 180 ° range is designed with a 0-150Hz automatic dimming system and has certain dimming requirements.

● Close room: defined as a dimming room, dimming room, regulating room, dimming room, etc. to reduce costs and reduce construction costs and improve economy.

High control: defined as a dimming room, dimming hall, dimming, detection system, etc. to reduce construction costs, improve control efficiency, and reduce construction quality.

Having good dimming, switching, and intelligent dimming control algorithms. The purpose is to control and subdivide according to the preset system type, such as brightness, color, etc., and to improve the deployment of the preset by subdividing according to the preset brightness.

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