The Big Cat behind the hospitality lighting Industry

The big cat behind the hospitality lighting industry is the leader who has been engaged in management development, vocational education, professional daily work, and work for many years.

hospitality lighting design is not only a professional skill, but also a progressive marketing. So how can we switch hotels based on the well-known hospitality lighting design from all walks of life? I will introduce it to everyone.

Hotels are usually divided into business type and tourist resort type, which are characterized by luxury of business hotel and club, as well as unique features of Laser lighting display, water show, landscaping, etc.

Hotels are usually divided into business hotels, luxury hotels, and clubhouse luxury features, as well as areas that collide with features such as reception and KTV. People without knowledge of the experience of hospitality lighting design companies should have a clear understanding of how to design their own hospitality lighting.

Hotels are usually divided into business type hotels and tourist vacation type hotels, and the commercial space involved will also fall into various categories, including reception, accommodation, hospitality, business, and so on. Basically, business hotels include hotel rooms, with white cloth, flowers, and saturated color paste as the color tones. Water colors and simple color tones are all natural textures, providing relaxation while also complementing decoration. So, how to determine how the hospitality lighting design can highlight the charm of the owner.

Generally speaking, there is plenty of delicious food to drink in hotels. Only hotel restaurants can move in for guests to rest, gather, and check in, otherwise it would be like not taking away the noble spirit of the hotel. Therefore, the hotel lobby cannot be located in stairwells or foyers to create a good impression on customers, and it is also very important. Generally, restaurants have large and distributed small U’s hanging on the wall, so when choosing, it is important to look at its appearance. When making a purchase, the editor also needs to check if the hanging picture fits properly, as most of these accessories are imitation of milk, fruit, and chocolate. Therefore, it is necessary to place a food free Chen’s home on the bed. (Image source: Hotel restaurants tend to have larger main ingredients.).

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