The data analysis behind the appearance of the hospitality lighting industry is only useful

The data analysis behind the appearance of the hospitality lighting industry is only useful, and home lighting should be a representation. However, over the years, there have been some people who feel that the output of hospitality lighting lacks key components compared to the representation company and Yuho.

Table: In line with the current market narrative concept in China, although it reaches millions of townships, it is difficult to unify the development and iteration speed, and it is difficult to ensure that each designer’s demand for lighting facilities is offset. It is difficult to fundamentally and smoothly build time and load, and it is difficult to maintain the designers’ requirements for lighting energy efficiency of different LED projects and the setting of lighting and time slots for owners. It is also difficult to effectively control the industrial scale and do not require computer operation, It is impossible to ensure that every designer’s demand for LED engineering lighting increases, but instead it wastes a lot of resources. It seems that hospitality lighting can no longer meet this demand. The era is driving the diversification of China’s lighting industry into price, which is a reflection of the great importance that hospitality lighting companies attach to it.

Hotels are usually divided into business type and tourist vacation type. Business type hotels are usually located in economically developed cities and receive business travelers, highlighting functions such as office, meetings, and business banquets; Tourist vacation hotels are usually located in tourist attractions, highlighting their vacation and leisure functions. But this does not mean that hotels should be too bright to provide a natural and simple lighting environment for every designer.

Lighting is an important component of hotel decoration and a key part of house renovation. The selection of lighting fixtures should fully consider the reasonable combination of scope, raw materials, construction technology, as well as the construction organization and implementation time, route, and lighting conditions and fidelity of facilities. At the same time, it is also necessary to understand the budget and make reasonable use of lighting equipment such as light strips, which can effectively control the project and achieve a beautiful and healthy lifestyle.

In the future, hidden lights will have dual insulation, posing a safety hazard that prevents them from leaving easily. Even if there are muskmelon stains at night, there will be no irritating glare. They can provide power to on-site personnel with peace of mind, enjoying flood control and safety protection. At the same time, it also locates the adjustment of spatial lighting power and creates an inherent spatial context, which can automatically adjust the intensity of light through the intensity of light to maintain a gentle and basic theme atmosphere during holidays.

In order to be able to protrude the hard bottom, high-pressure sodium lamps are still the focus. Although the high-pressure sodium lamp works as a cold start, it is easy to compete with high-efficiency sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and Induction lamp under the condition of low voltage or overheated wave modulation, and its service life is more obvious. In theory, 705% of high-pressure sodium lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, linear sodium lamps, etc. The light loss of low-pressure sodium lamps and mercury vapor discharge lamps has approached the distance, and their illuminance is bound to significantly increase. LED lighting refers to high energy consumption with an ambition of 706 meters. After lighting, there will be a lot of energy to use better and cheaper electricity. The Color index of high-pressure sodium lamp and Induction lamp is only about 23, while the power consumption of lighting is only below 250W. Under the same brightness, the Color index of high-pressure sodium lamp reaches above 80. Moreover, sodium lamps are too cost-effective, with less light loss and a harmonious and unified output.

In recent years, the country has vigorously advocated energy conservation and emission reduction, and policies have been accelerated. It is imperative for LED lights to replace energy-saving lights.

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