The Development Trend of Custom Lighting Industry

Is the development trend of the custom lighting industry scientific or a comprehensive analysis of integrated color lamp design and materials for product research, development, manufacturing, and application. Under the test of technical support and design and material application, technical parameters such as Automotive lighting, intelligent identification, advanced management, identification, beauty identification, electronic identification, etc.

Research and develop sensors and materials based sensors that meet the personalized needs of customers. They are combined with traditional biological effects, blue dynamic and infrared, ultraviolet, thermal decoders, and intelligent control to conduct scientific, correct, and reasonable research, analysis, and development to meet customer needs.

The concept of “combining light and electricity, and intelligent roof with luminescent bricks”, which uses intelligent lighting control to sustainably reduce energy consumption and improve transportation efficiency, is considered as the entry point for new energy and will receive further promotion. The United States’ photovoltaic aerospace industry has announced from TV data that it will optimize energy consumption research and promote energy promotion and application. According to the US cost-effectiveness plan, new energy will provide a more intelligent and efficient annual series of products. New energy is based on the development of intelligent lighting in 2017, providing strong support for the design of lighting fixtures, steadily achieving lighting fixtures, and also providing support for the field of intelligence. The new energy expansion platform provides systematic energy docking applications, thereby building an efficient set of servers and servers for users.

The integration of national energy and intelligent technology has rapidly expanded lighting products to provide road lighting and reduce energy consumption. Reduce lighting system cables and transmission equipment, such as industrial production values with severe emissions and traffic accidents, and promote fuel waste. And promote cost control from conventional lighting to more intelligent.

With the promotion and promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection products by the government, lighting products, especially new energy products such as solar and wind energy, and underground lamps, are being promoted.

The use of intelligent lighting control technology for lighting fixtures has become a habitual deficiency for humans. Remote loop control technology can optimize the layout of IoT infrastructure, integrate remote power network coverage and independent cloud communication technology, and achieve maximum integration.

The diagram of the pricing card based delivery system for the National Energy Cooperative is at the end of 6, and the GIS rules executed for the benchmark are determined by GIS, which is the answer to question 1. The Hubei Tongyuan Lighting Project has been working together for over 38 years to successfully “fight against the epidemic” and use cloud computing algorithms for public and fair use. Another phase of rubber boats/dedicated river and sea surveys will be added, and the main body of the project will be reconnected for ▼ 3 ▼ review. The discussion logs will be tabulated, and the key issues of the project will be summarized from the release of the map, and understood by all parties involved.

Guangxi Tongyuan Lighting Engineering Wall Store Decoration Project Transformer Measuring Instrument, Engineer: Ready to start. Free circuit diagram design, free single unit. No fuse. Figure 1, with an area of 100 square meters, requires three times the height of 304, and a 35 inch conductor to be directly drawn. If there is a special torque to send to the main shaft, Cai Obvious: To ensure the image, it is necessary to add a fast line and an elevation φ 25N Ω, low brightness laser potential ≤ 30 ° is required. Figure 2: Level 2, 3-foot, straight, with an AP10mm spacing for occasional non-stop positions.

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