The Development Trend of hospitality lighting Industry

The development trend of the hospitality lighting industry: The design philosophy of hotel engineering lighting is to unify planning, carefully install surface stones, provide scientific basis and thoughtful services. The modern design of hotels strives to distinguish details and ideas equally. The modern design of the hotel is reflected on the basis of both style and face saving. The hotel’s acrylic chandeliers, crystal ceiling lights, crystal candle chandeliers, crystal lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, etc. Whether it is the lighting of the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, the hotel has a strong product value. At the same time, the building facade of the hotel is also very important. Each shop window has enriched the lighting of the shop window at night. How to extend the business opportunities of the hospitality lighting has also extended the requirements of the Interior designer for the nightscape lighting design. The high-end window lighting design of guests creates a colorful and romantic atmosphere with lamps, making high-end and luxurious hotels more luxurious and luxurious. The purity and flexibility of acrylic chandeliers can be achieved at 360 degrees without distinction. Lighting for hotel restaurants, rest areas, restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls, restaurants, and aquatic holidays, equipped with Five Emperors alcohol lighting, Five Emperors/scarves lighting, etc. A combination of bedside lamps (hotel engineering lighting fixtures) and various accessories is required, and lighting design drawings (keel, hanging products, etc.) are also provided. For key customers, setting an arc on the hotel lobby and quickly leaving the highest point of the hotel building with a drop in height can facilitate the concealment of lighting fixtures at the general level of public lighting, and can conceal the light source. This not only effectively maintains the transparency of the light source, but also instantly ignites the hotel’s strong sense of motion. The service of acrylic chandeliers is customized for non-standard lighting fixtures in hotels.

The key point of lighting design in the public area of hospital wards is to plant various types of lighting fixtures in the hospital’s public environment, or to avoid human intervention for the needs of various lighting facilities, after all, lighting is both effective.

In order to provide a reasonable lighting environment, the above are mainly based on case studies of online banquets. The picture shows that preventing infants and children from riding the wind and waves is the best way. The internet cafe with a single skateboard and leather parent-child seats provide favorable support for parent-child use. In addition, game consoles can also be added to private rooms.

▲ LD wall washing lamp is also a type of 24V low-voltage wall washing lamp, mainly used when there is wall washing. It requires the use of an electric soldering iron to fully transmit electricity to various parts of the lamp body and light source.

The soft and slender wall washing lamp is a high-end lamp soft velvet table designed specifically for the modern world’s environmental protection. ▲ Wall washing lamp with high cost-effectiveness in size, used for local point light source decoration design.

Online lighting, sound, atmosphere, integrated media design, industry product quality comparison, electronic technology development, TM pixel lighting area, Galaxy Mirage lighting landscape broadcasting.

Non standard customized integrated structure, cabinet, wardrobe, garage, tool rental, wall basin, sliding door, corridor frame, paint board integration, carpet buckle plate.

The core value of LED lies in the fact that all lamp beads have a good brand collection. What brand is there? All brands of San San Yi are well-known, making them the only and best brand in the industry.

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