The economy may fall into negative growth. bespoke lighting exports are a concern for this country!

The economy may fall into negative growth. bespoke lighting exports are a concern for this country! With the rapid development of technology, the functionality of hotels, bars, stages, and activity venues is becoming increasingly rich, and lighting design is increasing day by day. In 2016, how did Huanhui Hui Xiang compete with billions of lighting companies.

Due to the development of digital technology and the promotion of new materials, as well as the application of new OLED lighting products, it has become a large-scale segmented product in the world today. Whether it can be developed with more advantages, it is still more difficult to achieve in general fields. Many international level manufacturers are actively cooperating with developed international manufacturers, introducing new high-tech intelligent lighting concepts, developing richer products, and continuously playing an important role in promoting the transformation of domestic lighting enterprises. In addition, there is an excellent enterprise that has obtained national certification, as well as a scale manufacturing organization of innovative domestic and foreign lighting brands. They fulfill the promise of “brighter, darker”, which proves the design and functionality of convenient lighting.

I believe that the use of replaceable pens in small experiments has added button style options, added conductive functions, and added brands that are easy to activate and have a longer usage time. These are all destined to inspire luminescence to designated buildings, squares, walls, and even on-site areas, integrating bold lighting design with possible lighting design, and distinguishing it with a lighting technology.

However, the author believes that built-in and expandable line lighting fixtures cannot be simply “visible without light”. In a room with an area of approximately 3 square kilometers as an average point, this’ visible but not visible light ‘will change some of the regular lighting as the focal light source. As a manufacturer of “ten years of sharpening, one sword”, our company now has 100lm of downward light shining on the diffusion plate, which can be shielded in a vertical space as a lamp, so the irradiation area of the diffusion plate is relatively small.

Previously: Our lighting system usually kept the desk lamps in a dim yellow state, so we advocated for customized LED downlights. Let’s take a look at its advantages.

When it comes to our LED downlight fixtures, I believe most people will understand that even with an existing luminosity of 3000K, the internal transmittance has a high fluorescence ratio. This type of lamp achieves the same level of temperature, with low color temperature requirements and relatively high prices. The color temperature of LED downlight fixtures also needs to match the conditions for improvement, and can be additionally lowered if conditions permit.

So if the color temperature of a high-end LED down lamp exceeds 3000K, it will have a huge impact on people’s vision and psychology, and cause many consumers to suffer losses. How to purchase high-quality and healthy LED down lamp? Most regions in China may promote it more.

Mainly used as a lighting source, LED has high luminous efficiency, color temperature adjustment, simple and beautiful appearance, and excellent heat conduction function. Color temperature adjustment has a very different appearance from ordinary fluorescent lamps, which can meet different space requirements, adjustable color temperature, and long service life

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