The financial analysis of hospitality lighting needs to include the following content

The financial analysis of hospitality lighting needs to include the following content: (1) Hall lighting: hospitality lighting management, real estate management, rental display, and doors. Civil lighting: hospitality lighting management, rental display. Office lighting: The hotel can design or use artistic lighting to add atmosphere and style to the space with bright lighting and facial features. Flat lighting: The hotel is based on brightness and facial features, which are very bright and easy to wipe, very in line with the lifestyle of contemporary young people. The following is an introduction to the main content of lighting design for star rated hotels.

The lighting design should be based on the overall style of the villa, fully considering the internal and external functions of the villa, and providing lighting planning and accommodation for the villa environment.

The lighting design should be based on the villa’s lighting design, such as considering comfort and avoiding light pollution, while also paying attention to avoiding light pollution.

Attention should be paid to office lighting design, starting from details: 1. Principle: The placement of desks and the completeness of materials should be comprehensively considered; 2. Brightness: Whether to use a writing desk or desk lamp more frequently; 3. Suspended ceiling: Ensure that there is no loss of lighting on the table and avoid using dedicated concert lamps; 4. Color tone: The selection of light sources should be considered as a whole, and diatomaceous mud powder and genuine mud air curtains should be chosen; Read in detail the lighting requirements for writing desks and meeting rooms, and propose corresponding suggestions and methods; 5. Lighting method: In the office space, open layout lights and spotlights are often used; Excessive use of fluorescent lamps as lighting fixtures; Excessive use of ultraviolet and infrared lamps as light sources; To better form a certain degree of harmony with the air and surface.

The appearance of accessories should be suitable for the shape and shape of the lamp. Jewelry is divided into ceiling lights, embedded lights, streamlined lights, cabinet lights, bracket lights, and mirrors.

The selection of transformers, taking into account the safety and energy-saving of lighting fixtures, the advantages and applicability of color steel plates are becoming increasingly popular; And the transformer can be sucked into the ceiling, which is perfect.

Based on the individual needs of panel lights and chandeliers, search for suitable switching power supplies and use various simple methods to select and adjust new functions related to lighting fixtures

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