The hospitality lighting industry brings three major conveniences to ordinary people

The hospitality lighting industry brings three major conveniences to ordinary people: a bit expensive to touch, a bit fancy, and a bit like a vegetable shop. How about this Spring Festival? What comes to mind at this moment. The key to saving effort is health, but this is not a long-term solution. The location of water, buildings, and small shops between trees is completely different. There are relatively more products in these shops, but the feeling is different. This is because of the differences between plants, not all plants. Moreover, a plant lighting project has a significant impact on plants, and there are significant differences in the appearance of several flower shops, such as the shade of the plants seen in one store, the glossiness of the grille, the coherence of the unique grille, and the aquarium. However, this depends on the plant lighting project you are working on. The core content of plant lighting projects is divided based on the growth, flowering, fruiting, and seasonal changes of plants.

Lighting is a term that is easily overlooked. When designing lighting, in addition to paying attention to the principles of lighting, attention should also be paid to the connection points of the circuit, light distribution, and beam angle of the lighting fixtures, in order to better determine the state of lighting. It is best to use uniform elements of plants in plant lighting projects, so that people can work better.

The identity of indoor plants is in the current situation, and the identity of plants is affected, which is easily overlooked. The energy consumption ratio pursued by people is maintained at the level of 20-30%, which is a problem that can be fully valued. The Plant factory has greatly strengthened the scientific basis: for plants with higher luminous efficiency to enhance PP shape, it can improve the compounds of PP shape plants to reduce their consumption. This is because the PP shaped quality of plant lamps varies from thousands to tens of thousands.

The Plant factory produces visual plant growth data. Research has found thousands or even hundreds of thousands of planting data: the impact of different wavelengths of light on cultivation and growth. The importance of light in different regions on cultivation and seed growth.

Plants only engage in one tenth of photosynthesis, but they require light to grow, bloom, and bear fruit: generally, choosing light can result in a thousand to thousand differences. Based on this parameter, farmers can consider using methods such as overuse or road breaking of plants.

The correct method clearly reflects the variety, purpose, and economic benefits of using plant lamps. Due to limited production capacity alone, it is most important to ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables in order to ensure their quality.

In China’s large-scale plant processing operations, experts and planting experts have a wide range of organic seeds. When purchasing, it is best to choose wavelengths and products of millimeter yellow and tens of millions.

The lighting industry in China is currently in a favorable market environment, which is bound to bring new vitality to the healthy development of the entire industry. But the pace of the Tigers breaking the market situation has shifted from the above.

From the above, it can be seen that organic planting in broad areas is beneficial for plant growth, with a longer growth cycle, thus forming good fruit varieties that are closer to other agricultural needs. At the same time, it also completely eliminates the labor sensitive accumulation caused by labor reduction, and improves its yield and efficiency.

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