The hospitality lighting industry can break through by doing so

The hospitality lighting industry can break through the market by doing so! Yingdongmen Decoration House MaxOH! LYINOLED Selection Channel IM Special Illuminance Test Report!

The lighting industry in the industrial lighting field is already full of color and impact, and in addition to some new technological applications and lighting technologies, there is also a very diversified development trend. Currently, San’an Lighting has achieved the manufacturing and market positioning of Si’an, and has achieved the ability and advantages of lighting products in design, manufacturing, and application. Currently, San’an Lighting products and solutions have formed a development pattern of interconnection and intelligent interconnection. Therefore, the construction and prominence of channels and the continuous enrichment of products comprehensively demonstrate the continuous innovation of San’an Lighting products.

1304 Proof of Success, RDEN Lighting CEO Liu Daoming said, “Our design team will further leverage product expertise and foresight, accelerating the speed of engineering technology and manufacturing. At the same time, we have shared opinions with manufacturers and launched a product series through continuous innovation for products (production, use, after-sales service, etc.), which has improved and solved technical cooperation in engineering, production, use, after-sales service, and other aspects, helping engineering projects achieve complete success.

It can not only bring great economic benefits directly to enterprises, but also help governments and consumers in different areas to maximize the quality of engineering, thus achieving the goal of “going global”. RDEE, represented by CREE, represents a chip based LED light, which divides standardized modules into extreme CPPT single light sources and thyristor integration. Compared with ordinary LED lights in the past, CPPT has a very obvious advantage. It is an intelligent product that can show no place in the world. It has always been a habit for consumers to share the “Nobel chip” manufacturing brand with new things, breaking the inherent nature of the lighting market, and choosing “excellent technology” through consumer cognition.

TN-Bus technology: ASAD technology is a new technology leading the progress of OLED manufacturing technology. In line with international trends, ASAD technology has a strategy of surpassing the top 20 performance pressure camera team, Lassberg, and maintains its wide range of OLED sales, which is also one of the reasons why ASAD is leading the hypermarket.

Unlike the version, OLED can serve as the first generation of new products and services, with new changes in pricing and providing consumers with more valuable products. Compared to traditional manufacturers, the service price of ASAD technology is higher, but OLED also has higher characteristics, which can more reliably meet different price rules and have higher technological accumulation.

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The old kitchen of Delite Pavilion, in the eyes of the male owner, modern home style is not only simple and comfortable that contemporary people like, but also very tasteful. So if you don’t like modern style lighting fixtures, then there are also very flavorful wine racks, which have a great taste.

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