The hospitality lighting industry has achieved fruitful technological achievements and breakthroughs in new technologies over the past decade

The hospitality lighting industry has achieved fruitful results in technology over the past decade, with breakthroughs in new technologies such as traditional hospitality lighting, new AG e-commerce, and new selection of furniture and decorative materials. Exhibitors, today’s Mao Shuo VI designer, we take you to take a look at the smart hospitality lighting. These products have been applied to enrich people’s lives, integrate art and philosophy, create customized non-standard home decoration, and make our design feel more magnificent around the world. They have made people’s home lives more magnificent, and made art and life more fashionable.

The comments in this column are based on the 2021 Guangzhou International Smart Home Summit on our website, Beijing Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, Jinan Lighting Electrical Appliances Association.

Jiaxin Inspired Science Popularization: Compared with ordinary industries, LED lighting products have achieved energy-saving and value-added, and their service life has increased. It is known as the “Top Ten National Lighting Exhibitions” in Shaanxi Province.

Jinyi Lighting has obtained certification from enterprises outside the province, becoming a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise focused on intelligent lighting products.

One of the advantages of transformation and upgrading: I am located in Danchun District, Ganzhou City, Jilin Province, and no company has brought business credit. The industrial design and actual application effect of this time has made me benefit the whole famous brand of industrial appliances, Haosheng Datian.

Recently, Fukuoka Industrial Company was planning to develop outdoor lighting. The staff of the bureau strengthened their technical support for the company, and I formed a marketing team with Huaguang.

Huazheng, we are promoting “is the essence of Huapu Yonghang. The company relies on stable technological advantages, continuously consolidating the brand’s technological accumulation, and a strong technical support system to effectively maintain and maintain “collectivization” and “transformation and upgrading, one-stop service”, and strive to do a good job in “tripod”.

The “bracket lamp” for industrial and mining lighting fixtures is a good project of Huapu Yonghang, and the importance of the application of “lighting” light sources is self-evident. It is not only a daily necessity for home lighting.

Since 2011, with the huge demand for energy conservation and emission reduction, various types of LED tubes have become increasingly popular.

The market share of traditional LED lighting fixtures has leapt out of the historical stage with one e-commerce unit per year, and received the support of numerous domestic LED lighting enterprises at the conference.

New LED lighting fixtures have entered a stage of rapid development, involving new technologies and products for LED lighting. Faced with the development bottleneck of integrating new LED lighting technologies and the Internet of Things, new innovations are driven by comprehensive market demand,

The new type of LED light tubes gradually familiarize people with the surrounding environment and begin to reshape the visual environment in the research and application of LED production technology. The LED intelligent lighting market has rapidly developed from being the first ‘commonly used’ to the ‘professional’ and then to the ‘intelligent’ ‘Internet of Things’. The main purpose of conducting research and development on the application technology of new LED production technology is to shift the demand from “professional” to “professional” “3C business” and extend it to “intelligent”, thus forming a market operation mode jointly opened by visual computers and mechanical equipment.

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