The hospitality lighting industry has ample market potential

The hospitality lighting industry has ample market potential, and the hospitality lighting design has left a deep impression on guests. This feeling of facing the street is unquestionable. Upon arriving at the hotel, the feeling brought to guests is even more magnificent, which is the characteristic of the hotel.

The purpose of hospitality lighting design is to implement the xx lighting project process and continuously strengthen the key functions of the hotel. The hospitality lighting design needs to consider the height and lighting accuracy of the lighting fixtures, while also paying attention to the installation position of the lighting fixtures and limiting their activation. The requirements for these aspects are very high. At the hospitality lighting design company, efforts have been made to improve hospitality lighting design and strive to improve through effectiveness.

hospitality lighting design should comprehensively consider various factors, the hotel’s unique needs, and the unique visual experience that the environment itself brings to people.

hospitality lighting design needs to fully consider guests’ requirements for durability, as well as the requirements for lamp specifications and quality. At the same time, the hanging height of the lighting fixtures and the height of the lights should be in line with the hotel’s style, which is a good choice. The hospitality lighting design, in addition to having the function of isolation from the illuminated object, is also similar to the combination of light and transparent materials, and is related to the main visual operation mode of the room, the variation effect of local lighting and mixed lighting, and the brightness of various light sources.

Hotels are usually divided into a lobby and several small spaces for guests to visit. The required illumination requirements for these spaces are general lighting.

When considering the glare limitation of the ceiling, in order to avoid direct glare, non direct light distribution lamps can be used. Generally, incandescent lamps are used for direct lighting, and warm white light sources can also be used. Of course, metal halide lamps may also be used. But in addition to using energy-saving lamps, there is also the use of energy-saving lamps as a focus for outdoor lighting, usually used in certain places with relatively high needs.

The selection of such light sources has very strict requirements for room height, height, and brightness. Therefore, when purchasing lighting fixtures, different colors of light sources can be selected based on the height of the room. In this way, different light sources can be selected based on the height, brightness, and habits of different rooms.

Yancheng Lighting and Acoustics Project is aimed at the lighting needs of family rooms. If there are special needs, Lighting control system can be used.

In recent years, professional audio equipment has attracted more and more attention from families, and audio equipment also needs maintenance.

Stage lighting not only has a sense of family stability and pursuit, but also has a successful interpretation of the stage performance. As a high-quality sound equipment project, Suzhou Stage Sound Engineering has built a Stage lighting effect. Home audio equipment plays a crucial role, but there are also areas that need attention. Below, the editor will introduce several different audio equipment to you.

Home theater refers to the allocation and expansion of family size, area, and sound quality. Several parts can be adjusted according to different families and whether the conditions of the home theater are suitable, and the overall sound quality will also be improved. Together, the sound field can continue to cooperate.

The sound quality of a home theater is very important for a certain home theater to relax, so after saying so much, I don’t know what feedback from friends, can we communicate well? Below, I will introduce the knowledge of sound quality in home cinemas, summarize what the quality of sound in home cinemas includes, and use it as a reference for the selection and use of home audio. The function serves as a beneficial reference for viewing at home and with family.

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