The hospitality lighting industry has changed

The hospitality lighting industry has changed. All of the top ten hotels in the world are discussing, reading tables, and engineering companies are reporting too much, resulting in almost identical prices. Hotels raise questions on three days of procurement, product promotion, and engineering channel promotion.

The hotel aims to enhance the hotel’s level and life experience, creating surprises, creativity, and a better life. It is more beneficial to elevate hotel confidence, improve operational level, and enhance customer satisfaction, so that every person present can re amplify the trend.

The lighting of guest rooms is nothing more than arranged according to predetermined living habits. The layout goals of these areas are often pursued by emphasizing the color of the living room in order to change the behavioral status of the guest room lighting level. Therefore, the combined lighting environment according to this requirement can also illuminate the guest room environment located in France.

The use of low-key color temperature light fixtures combined with surrounding guardrail type fiber ropes makes it difficult to display a cool visual effect.

The high color rendering surface light source with three primary colors and common orange bias is used to create a warm and warm picture effect with a softer color system visible from a distance, and the Color index Ra95 is anti glare.

By using a low color temperature light source, many sliding steps between the three primary metal calipers can be well organized and aesthetically pleasing. It can automatically sense the left and right tissues, fix the lighting area as much as possible, and automatically sense the closure near the head, thereby reducing the indirect reflection of glare caused by color tone when passing through the wall.

100% linear dimming, combined with Color in modeling settings, creates a clear and transparent image, eliminating the contrast caused.

It can automatically move and move the required light positions according to the stage space position, slowing down the stage speed and providing sufficient flexibility.

There are three types of lighting, namely ordinary light guide lamps, which are only suitable for the T-shaped card effect that requires a large pattern to be gathered, but are suitable for arranging in large-scale outdoor performances (wedding services).

But dimming is also important, as the light groove used to protrude the skin cannot effectively utilize dimming in the lamp body. The current LD series LD18 series can be applied to indoor lighting fixtures, and professional dimming equipment is needed for precise dimming. Dimming equipment used – museums, art galleries and Playhouse Theatre, without complex equipment such as silicon box, manipulator/laser carving, laser carving, etc.

More importantly, dimming should first be used to give the scene an effect. Different scenes require different lighting designs for actors and users, reducing operational fatigue for staff and enhancing the viewing experience for the audience.

The business area is huge, and after expansion, the entire inspection area will be automatically generated to prevent the automatic discovery of surplus goods. The enterprise inspection results will be issued within 24 hours. Tongyu continues the spirit of the Lantern Festival, providing more operational and management options for later sales, services, and services.

The lighting products sold at the core are based on completed sales, with a sales plan of “product service oriented, honest service oriented, and lamp Bohua” to provide the best after-sales service.

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