The hospitality lighting industry has entered a new cycle

The hospitality lighting industry has entered a new cycle of authorized technology list. The fan light industry has Guangdong code “New Z Three Good” hospitality lighting product quality segmentation.

Utilize natural light to create infinite possibilities. Solar photobiomass not only has great environmental friendliness, but also has strong long-term properties, making it very active. Customized home lighting fixtures.

Choose a xx safe light source and try to choose a natural light source that is close to sunlight, especially using LED bead light panels. Also try to choose energy-saving options, but at the same time, it is recommended to have a long lifespan that can suppress glare.

These K bead light strips can achieve excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties. Through investigation, it was found that there are about two or more types of ultra narrow beam lamps: mm lamps φ l. It can be adjusted according to the parameter of current, with a price of 60-100, and an LED light.

During peak hours, lighting facilities in Liege East generally have integrated EPS emergency power supply for electrical facilities, and the anti AC power system is controlled by UPS and frequency converters.

The ground wire design of buildings is usually very wide and involves a lot of electrical contact, such as hand drawn wires, anchor bolts, junction boxes, cable cables, socket wires, plug wires, cable cables, steel rods, grounding wires, and other related designs. It can even provide 4 square meters of bare transmission lines. Decoration and fire protection are two in one situations, which involves the requirements of three-dimensional vision, humanization, and comfort of lighting.

The reliability of the power supply is the three ropes of traditional neon lights, and the lifespan of the power supply is at least 5 times that of the insulation layer of the power line, which increases the reliability as a branch when increasing the temperature.

Explosion proof lamp is a kind of lamp used in dangerous places with combustible gas and dust. It refers to the lamps with various specific measures taken to prevent ignition of explosive mixture such as explosive gas environment around.

Three anti light: generally, the reflector and Chinese magic mirror are different due to different shapes, such as circular spot, elliptical spot and special spot.

The lamp cover and lamp head adopt plug-in or double-layer waterproof interfaces, suitable for low temperature, high pressure, and humid environments.

Lamp material: The shell is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin (formaldehyde) and pressed, with a unique waterproof structure. The shell protection level can reach IP65.

The lighting fixture adopts UI sensing, injection point light source, and light guide column, with a light efficiency of 95%, 3-5 times. The glare control method is intuitive: beam angle: 15 °, 24 °, 38 °.

The light source adopts imported CREE COB LED beads (light source type), and the LED working voltage is AC220V 50Hz.

The lamp should be connected to a grounded power supply, and the power voltage should match the rated voltage marked on the lamp

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