The hospitality lighting industry has entered a stage of platform based development

The hospitality lighting industry has entered a stage of platformization and intelligent development, following the upstream and downstream industry chain, from hobbies, urgent business needs, in-depth procurement, customized personalization, and creating a professional hotel and hotel intelligent industry.

Specializing in the production of high-end hotels, business hotels, intelligent environment systems for clubhouses, public space utilization systems, intelligent parking sharing, integrated landscape lighting, space advancement, and consumer conference environments.

Construction scale: A comprehensive commercial complex and enterprise cluster brand, establishing a model for illuminating the development of the lighting industry, with strong capital and team strength; Integrate information release and channel docking to promote the platform and corporate brand strategy, and build a smart marketing sector.

Cultivating differentiation: The company’s intelligence has become a mature trend, and hardware resource sharing has become the primary task of the company. Building smart channels and operating sites will form a shared platform for “dual processing”, thereby promoting the construction of “dual deployment”.

Gathering industry elites: the formation and organization of a company’s strategic thinking. Nowadays, a data sharing subsystem with informatization and terminal management as the core has been formed, covering the collection and release of data and high-tech information content, continuously building smart channels, and providing mobilization of technology, comprehensive media, terminals and information terminals, becoming information and information.

Gathering Subdivision Companies: Currently, there are many cross-border cooperation industries, and there are bold attempts and rich experience in the field of tooling. In the future, a new set of sharing solutions for industry cross-border resource integration will be formed, and it will become an important subsystem for promoting 5G networking and smart city construction with the industry sharing subsystem.

Praise: Industrial Power released its predecessor case Ma’anshan Polypropylene 2022 to participate in the construction of Xingye Power Station.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart pole planning: Smart pole planning should be in line with communication characteristics (Introduction: Smart pole planning includes a complete set of eight system integration foundations, actual permission management methods, auxiliary computer management systems, cloud dynamic and dynamic supervision methods, free from interference and collection of various questioning methods, and should be favored by many subsidiaries at the same time. When will the voltage regulation function change?

With the continuous development of technology and the increasing pursuit of quality of life, people’s demands for quality of life are also increasing. People hope to create a beautiful real world, only starting during the day and going out at night. The charm can also be reflected in the city’s night view slides and objects, thereby helping people to have a clearer understanding and recognition of this world, and the construction of smart cities. On the one hand, the construction of urban landscapes has attracted people’s attention, and on the other hand, the construction of urban landscapes is significant

Currently, in the landscape lighting industry, design ideas focus on demand. Currently, we are exploring and selling lighting processing to increase our regular demand. The market should start from demand and explore the growing demand for new commercial machinery. In this regard, we should indeed make a groundwater sealing wall to retain fragrance. Based on market feedback, this design is made according to demand, and combined with market application needs, a brand will be created. Let’s take a look together.

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