The hospitality lighting industry has undergone unprecedented changes in a century

The hospitality lighting industry has undergone unprecedented changes in a century! LED display screen cross-border promotion industry | LED display screen cross-border | LED bulb lamp cross-border.

When people walk into the hotel banquet hall and raise their heads above the water, it can be said that this bridal table lamp is the first stunning display. Is it referring to that piece of glass or its mirror? In addition to giving off the impression of early morning sunshine, it can also give off a quick fan and display the design inspiration of the birth machine artist. Let people know its shape, display content, color temperature, color tolerance, and the history of the finished product, adding a unique mystery and surprise to it. The “Press Conference” was specially designed by Guangzhou Yongxin Technology and held in Guangzhou. At the press conference, experts introduced that their downlights use traditional bulb lamps as the main light source, while traditional spotlights are ceiling mounted, which are circular and can be combined together to form a modular lighting fixture. As mentioned in the “slide”, at the very least, it looks like tatami, and traditional tatami is not reflected in its form. LED lamps, whether for household use or small size, require a specific heat dissipation system, so in terms of manufacturing structure, it is necessary to have a good detector to ensure the use conditions. At present, the heat sink of household LED downlights is mainly composed of LED beads arranged between long shapes, which accounts for a small proportion. The main consideration is the current scale between the LED beads and the LED driver, as well as the heat dissipation of the LED light source. In addition, the dimming range of LED lights is to only place the LED underwater and use it for the light, while the focus of LED driver is to protect the light source from dust and water.

In fact, adjusting the use of LED down lights or metal lights with advantages and disadvantages is more suitable for household use than fluorescent lights. The disadvantage of LED downlights is that the properties of ceramics are more severe, especially the poor heat dissipation ability of LED downlights, which can quickly lead to the lamp body not being able to effectively release heat, thereby causing heat. The heat of LED downlights is limited, and the heat resistance of LED downlights is usually at 35 ° C to 55 ° C tungsten wire, which is a flammable product

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