The hospitality lighting industry is showing a significant growth trend

The hospitality lighting industry is showing a significant growth trend, with levels different from the outer diameter, and the price difference continuously narrowing, making the hotel image more transparent and highly entertaining.

LED panel lights are divided into two types: ceiling mounted, ring mounted, and embedded. Different installation methods require the selection of appropriate LED panel lights based on the lighting requirements and space conditions of star rated hotels. Economical and practical LED panel lights are widely used, with a slight focus on young people in hospitality lighting.

How to choose LED fluorescent lamps, just choose the installation method and understand how to choose some basic lighting fixtures; And make a good choice of lighting and decoration style for lamps. 1、 Is the selected lighting fixture information complete; Appropriate decoration colors and selection of lighting styles and styles. Usually, lighting fixtures are installed on the walls, floors, and ceilings of the room; Ceiling lights, down lights, spotlights, gypsum board ceiling lights, wall ceiling lights, and other parts are not suitable for choosing warm colors or natural light sources, which can stimulate eye fatigue. 2、 According to the decoration style of the room, selecting appropriate light sources and lighting fixtures can not only maintain the brightness of the room, but also reflect the indoor comfort. 4、 According to the function of the room itself, on the one hand, educating students not to have the effect of jumping out at once, and on the other hand, it greatly improves the efficiency of learning and work. Therefore, appropriate lighting color temperature and color matching with a reasonable lighting color temperature are primary. 5、 After selecting the lighting fixtures, the first thing to do is to visit and return home late. If you spend time at home with your family and don’t disturb them, no one can enjoy unparalleled night scenery during holidays. 7、 Make various plans to varying degrees, clarify the design standards for river lighting projects, and then carry out construction based on environmental conditions. 16、 The lowest transparent lighting in the project.

If necessary (non human dominated): The main light in the bedroom is usually arranged at the end of the bed, and during each design period, hanging lights, wall lights, and facing lights can be used to intersect. If you want to meticulously decorate the bathroom, you can spread paint around the walls to brighten the edges to avoid obstructing the overall brightness of the bathroom. Set up the lighting and lighting of the bedroom as part 1.

Craftsman spirit, customize an iron art dining table. Placed under the custom courtyard in the living room, it can create a calm and toasted yellow feel, creating a vibrant atmosphere with high and low tones, creating a sense of anticipation. The exquisite accessories for wall decoration can fully showcase the home’s own style, whether it is the wall or the bottom, playing a particularly important role in this iron dining table. Making full use of wooden flooring and solid walls, while also utilizing the low polymer content of wooden flooring to stand out, is also an aesthetic bias that makes the entire house rich and beautiful. 3. Paired with various wood veneers for a sense of layering, titanium, silver and other refined materials, the background wall’s styling and main contour are layered, capturing people’s attention. Emphasizing the rich style of the building, the use of square lines, carved lines, etc. in some distinctive details, such as the design of the living room TV cabinet, breaks the tone of the space. The strong lighting and ventilation effect makes the TV cabinet a standard feature in the living room, fully utilizing the space and increasing the sense of activity.

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