The most concerned topics for people in the custom lighting industry

The topic most concerned by people in the custom lighting industry is the German lighting design Kaleidoscope, delicate incandescent, spotlight, geometric lamp, bar lamp, stage light, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting, which make the atmosphere and atmosphere bad. Welcome friends from all walks of life to exchange and negotiate.

Applicable to: lamp lighting, stage light, drama light, advanced stage light, etc. Stage lighting, drama light, modern ceiling light, fixed point light, full-color soft light, Stage lighting, wood flash light, heaven and earth row light, film and television light, landmark, etc.

The use of new patented technologies such as white light technology, ultra-high reflectivity, ultra-low light, vacuum coating technology, and optical diffuse reflection technology for reflectors ensures light cleanliness, low light quality resistance, low heat dissipation resistance, no glare, and meets the requirements of long-term stable operation.

For large buildings, oversized building clusters, exterior wall floodlighting, glass curtain walls, roof facade design, skin and sky full dynamic lighting, hotel exterior wall lighting, stairs, gatehouses, art lights, ancient town lights, ceiling lights, down lights, three proof lights, classroom lights, high ceiling lights, canopy lights, three proof lights, high ceiling lights, embedded down lights, three proof lights, tunnel lights, cob tunnel lights, 132 specification categories are firmly connected and smoothly connected Multiple lighting fixtures need to be labeled 67. Lamps, bridge, mechanical handle of hand cable, hand wrench, inductive ceiling lamp, diamond seam shadow lamp, Stage lighting console, lighting control equipment, laser lamp, stage washing lamp, word bending machine, Pile driver, outdoor black spraying, automatic welding of light strip, Impact wrench, lamp head, lamp strip, machine cover of various asynchronous motors or welding machines are equipped with aluminum pipe line.

Next: WL-288STAR LED water pattern light, water pattern light source, linear projection, DMX512 level line light.

Next: WL-890A LED fountain light, DMX512 R5RY triple light, digital fountain light unlimited.

LED guardrail tube: LED wall washing light, structural waterproof wall washing light, LED projection light, LED curtain wall light, LED contour light, LED point light source, LED cross star light, LED buried light, LED underwater light, LED cross star light, LED tunnel light, LED stadium light, LED studio light, DMX512 universal relay, two body dimming light, two body integrated LED projection light, high-power LED wall washing light, LED buried light, LED underwater light, LED fountain light, LED wall light, LED landscape light.

Lamp body function: Traditional LED guardrail tubes and traditional integrated LED guardrail tube materials have become the main applications of new LED wall washing lamps, adding infinite possibilities for imagination to the night landscape of the city.

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