The most concerned topics for people in the hospitality lighting industry

The topic of greatest concern for people in the hospitality lighting industry is the selection and installation method of lighting fixtures, which have strict requirements for straightness in both installation and disassembly. Therefore, when choosing lighting fixtures, it is best to have a rational grading of lighting conditions. The initial plans for many custom lighting fixtures were not beautiful, and their end came to a certain era.

Large customized combination lamp manufacturers are continuously expanding their production and manufacturing capabilities, which can be said to comprehensively represent the application of integrated light source production capabilities as a professional brand in the hospitality lighting industry. Many integrated light sources on the hotel market are mainly heat flow type, such as desk lamps used for work in hotel kitchens or bathrooms, which can also maintain many areas such as building decoration and furniture decoration.

Hotels usually have large renovations, such as shopping malls and restaurants. Whether it is the hotel counter, or the hotel restaurant, private rooms, corridors, passages, etc., the ceiling and walls should be able to match, not monotonous, but also create a modern, simple and comfortable atmosphere.

In addition to lighting functions, it also has both decoration and atmosphere enhancement. Practical lighting fixtures for success can not only beautify the family atmosphere, but also serve as a tool for success and practicality. For guests, the most functional lighting fixtures in the living room are lighting fixtures.

In the selection of lighting fixtures, most of them use chandeliers as indoor purposes, and the typical indoor style is most suitable for receiving guests. Appropriate LED lights on the ceiling and walls serve as a means of creating an indoor atmosphere, emphasizing the sense of spatial hierarchy in the living room. A simple and comfortable space from top to bottom can maximize and evenly export light, while creating a more advanced and comfortable atmosphere.

In terms of lamp selection, many people only do one thing, such as using wall lamps, floor lamps, tube lamps, etc. as the main lighting, and even have specialized ceiling lamps directly connected to the spotlight, which can consider the shadow of the day.

With so many light combinations, the emotions held in the space are more saturated, and the hidden lights can also attract the excitement in the small room.

This layout always gives people a sense of atmosphere beauty, and it is very difficult to find an independent lighting environment again, and choosing the space to match from this point is undoubtedly a quite difficult task.

Uniform layout of lights: The hallway of the main living room in the working environment is a typical wooden frame, which visually associates with a sense of atmosphere. Therefore, more attention is paid to the simple and lively design of line lights. Visually, it is also a key point. The walls of the entire space are exactly reflected at both ends, with brightness control from high to low, without increasing the height of the mirror frame. It is impossible to install mirror reflection, directly allowing people to see “curiosity”.

After completing the basic lighting, the adjacent cabinet can also be directly adjusted in place after mirror reflection, but it is also difficult to ensure the lighting brightness.

Glass can also be added to the flat surface, and two hole light strips can be added between the layers to serve as the background light source for the living room. ▲ The overall brightness is transparent, but it should not be too deep because such a square area is not visually suitable for the home decoration environment. Without this, it is most of our family’s living habits, and there is no such interference or crowded space. Only local spatial planning can better divide the space.

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