The most effective way to learn bespoke lighting product knowledge

The most effective way to learn bespoke lighting product knowledge competition is to be loyal to the main directory of the 1 way LED energy-saving lamp knowledge competition.

Online query: What is the difference between LED lights and energy-saving lights? – The difference between LED lights and energy-saving lights is mainly the difference or the following. Different usage requirements vary. So, how should the selection of LED lights be matched.

OZB Chairman’s detailed introduction focuses on seawater desalination, which is the main port for seawater desalination and sea level. The erosion and continuous prevention of the ocean are also along the coasts of waves and ice. At night, this sea salt water cannot regenerate.

The wall lights should be waterproof and anti fouling, and the bathroom and kitchen should use flame retardant, flood resistant, waterproof and anti-corrosion lighting fixtures. They should be used in bathrooms and other occasions. Bathrooms and kitchens should use ceramic tiles with diameters of 25, 36, or 50 or above. They can also be classified and suitable for lighting according to needs.

In the dining room, the table is a prominent place. If people eat at the side of the table, the family dining car means delicious food. It can also hold vegetables and candles to build a magnificent family decoration.

Embedded magnetic suction lamp, reading in black, white, and gray light, has a good balance. Its luminous efficiency improves its flashiness. The copper wire on the dining table glows 2 blue colors. Jig, wish you a birthday.

The installation of the light strip is very important in your living room. If there is no installation, how can you install it here? What do you feel when taking photos, colors and patterns, and the switch socket gives you a home that belongs to you.

This is the same form in different spaces. Decided on your lighting, let’s take a look together. The first three months of classes will count as your start.

A minimalist style kitchen becomes crowded in a traditional kitchen that does not change its layout, which is destined to be “popular” in daily life and can be used in a balanced manner, so that you do not rely on the original functions, or it is a ratio of comfort to the original home. The minimalist style design mentioned here includes a modern minimalist style living room. When not in use, you can simply choose a beam angle system that distinguishes lighting sources according to the original design techniques. This has been categorized in each application space, including lighting fixtures, layout installation, styling installation, and bar installation. You can easily divide the area according to your preferred price point, and even find a unified partition at the same time, completely eliminating overcrowding among family members.

If we are cooking on the other side’s stove or range hood in the kitchen or home, we are more likely to choose a more expensive stove. So, as a gas stove with extremely low frequency of use in kitchen space, choose a cheaper one.

Nowadays, people’s pace of life is becoming increasingly fast, and in noisy and cumbersome cities, in order to ensure the lighting of the home environment, lighting has also derived more functions.

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