The Most Popular bespoke lighting Company

The most popular bespoke lighting companies offer unique lighting system solutions that integrate quality, service, and services from various companies, including Wanguo, Silicon Economy, Lifestyle, Guosheng, and Guoqing. These solutions can be developed for our mass life appliance market.

Our company takes customer needs as the guiding spirit, customer needs as the driving force, and projects as the main suppliers to provide products and budget assurance technology!

The main products include: Golden Sun series; Orange and pencil series; Firefly series; Linen series; Sheepskin lamp series;

Our company has comprehensive after-sales service, a professional after-sales service team, and 24-hour online troubleshooting.

The core components, all major components and accessories, and all raw materials have undergone strict inspection to ensure reliable and long-lasting lighting solutions for our customers!

Generally speaking, the service life of our explosion-proof lamps is not as long as that of LEDs, but they are not without filaments or shadows. Only LEDs are truly reliable. Generally speaking, the luminous flux and luminous efficiency of LED must reach a certain degree of uniformity, and a certain lighting effect needs to be achieved.

● Indoor explosion-proof lamps must reach the maximum surface temperature. In addition to the explosion of explosive gas environment in the outdoor explosive environment, its interior must also be equipped with Solid-state lighting lamps for explosive gas environment. 2. Except for the outer shell, other explosion-proof lighting fixtures must only be used indoors as explosive hazardous areas in explosive dust environments.

Household explosion-proof lamps are used in explosive hazardous environments such as petroleum, chemical, storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, military, and military facilities. 6. Explosion proof areas of various powdery solids and powders, such as composite materials, gas environment and helicopter, fire, flammable and explosive gas environment: underground explosion-proof lamps, installation of underground explosion-proof lamps, and maintenance of underground explosion-proof lamps.

● Outdoor explosion-proof lamps have high luminous efficiency, wide performance and small size. Gas discharge bulbs and high reflectivity mirror reflectors are selected, with high luminous efficiency and long service life. They are used in tunnels or sidewalks without explosion-proof lamps.

Ultra long lifespan LED light sources have a lifespan of over 50000 hours longer than ordinary incandescent lamps, which is 10 times that of ordinary light bulbs. Over the past 11 years, it has been convenient to replace the lamp beads and cover, extending the lifespan of the lamp.

Suitable for light transmission, without ultraviolet or infrared rays, and will not cause harm to the human body. It is not easy to be damaged by the human body. Children can easily disassemble the lighting fixtures or install them on safety helmets for use.

LED lights are energy-saving, but their lifespan is short, making maintenance difficult. When replacing components such as drivers, there will be a certain cost increase.

Compared to other LED lights, LED lights have a longer service life. There are a large number of LEDs, and if used continuously for 10000 hours, LED lights will still generate a lot of heat. Using early spring sunlight to hit the LED lamp shell forms a layer of incandescence, which can achieve heat dissipation function.

LED lights have a long lifespan, no harmful substances, no directionality, and a service life of over 30000 hours, which is 50 times the lifespan of incandescent lights. They are green and environmentally friendly products, more safe and reliable, and their style is also 100 times better than traditional light sources.

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