The most popular bespoke lighting distributor

The most popular bespoke lighting distributors and regions offer a wide range of outdoor lighting projects, integrating IP for cast aluminum, black glass, wood, buildings, patios or courtyards, commercial spans, electroplating, lighting fixtures, doors and windows, ceilings, and lighting fixtures.

The most popular customized non-standard outdoor lighting fixtures – Jiangmen Outdoor Lighting (related outdoor advertising settings) released today by the committee.

Our company is an enterprise specializing in customized LED lighting bulbs, with 100 outdoor LED lighting stores and 100 OEM/ODM service providers.

Our company has more than ten years of experience in lamp sales, complete production equipment and testing instruments, rich production experience, numerous technologies, first-class production capacity, and advanced production capacity.

The company always adheres to the corporate philosophy of “survival based on quality, development based on reputation”, follows the full spirit, business philosophy of “high-quality LED lighting products, more comprehensive after-sales service”, and provides customers with excellent quality products and fast services.

The company has personnel, goods area, and axial area. There are dozens of specifications and up to 32000 different gears for cold and high-pressure equipment processing in power plants, as well as logistics, molds, production workshops, high and low voltage complete equipment, high and low temperature warehouses, ultra-high pressure combined air conditioning machine trays, electromagnetic stirrers, etc. Here, we provide a diversified research and development platform to achieve diversified development.

We always adhere to the principle of “survival based on quality, development based on reputation”, and provide users from all walks of life with reliable and satisfactory products and high-quality services with customer satisfaction.

Professional production of high-quality fluorine (including: warehouses, refrigerated rooms, warehouses, dye areas, medical sheds, specialized retail of electric tools!

Enterprise philosophy: honesty based, openness, shared development, pursuit of excellence, and win-win cooperation; Corporate Vision: Let us form a good corporate image with our corporate friends, with beautiful and solid nameplates and a healthy reputation; Corporate ethics: integrity, gratitude, unity, hard work, perseverance, and sharing; Enterprises, citizens, society, and the future.

Enterprise values: Service is the purpose, service is the purpose, and we sincerely consider the interests of our customers. We welcome customers to visit our factory for inspection.

Enterprise manual: We provide pictures or exquisite PPT materials, and the colors need to be made according to customer requirements.

Basic qualities of the enterprise: Each project has different standards and spirit. Some people believe that the brightness and energy-saving duration of welded street light poles should comply with the requirements of the “Urban Road Lighting Design Standard” (GB/T207).

Organizational ability: The strength of each project can be managed by employees. The advantages and strength of each project determine its required ultra small size.

Enterprise innovation: Widely apply the group’s professional knowledge and advanced experience to the outdoor landscape lighting series products, and clarify the procurement department’s demand for lighting.

● Preferential services: Provide customers with the latest (international lighting design company) product 3C certification, and offer services such as Om line and Cm network renovation.

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