The Most Popular bespoke lighting Factory

The most popular bespoke lighting factory warehouse lights. bespoke lighting factory warehouse lights enable users to obtain manufacturers. 10 ‘>>. Customized non-standard hotel lighting factory warehouse lights are an organic combination of industrial manufacturing technology and art, combining “colorful” customization. Compared with the past, “organic integration of the industrial chain” will inevitably produce new organic effects.

Color temperature (the light source has different reactions to color), and different color temperatures and tones will produce differences, while the related tones of tones have a natural odor in the environment.

The above tones are all continuous and are set according to customized ideals. The way to customize non-standard warehouse lights was first because they controlled the light or environment within a specific range, providing specific spatial lighting for this feature and creating a specific scene atmosphere.

For special tone exposure, the installation location of automated lighting fixtures is usually on shelves or areas, with few boundaries;

The combination flexibility of color temperature and any color are usually targeted, and are generally used for articles, clothing and other articles. Irrational photometric distribution and hue will affect the production of light, color and bright color;

In general, the chromaticity ranges from 4000 to 5000 with a ratio of 1:80. Other tones are based on Guizhou Denggou, while other tones are rendered separately based on secondary colors.

In order to facilitate the installation of spotlights and floor lights, the lighting fixtures should not be less than 5-10 to provide appropriate illumination to develop an illumination plan.

For example, when the road surface is dark, in order to save on lighting costs, in addition to increasing the comfort of lighting use, the maximum savings in lighting costs are ignored, while the efficiency of the lighting fixtures is ignored.

In addition, traditional situations may affect the lighting quality of road lights. Glare and strobe are both masked behind the light source and the lamp itself. This leads to a decrease in the efficiency of lighting fixtures, and glare causes plugs and screws to fall off.

Therefore, although there is a deviation of 250 degrees, there is a deviation of 150 degrees, resulting in uneven brightness and 3-5 times the brightness and glare. If the illuminance deviation is 1250 degrees when adding lamps to the light source, the light source of the metal halide lamp should be less than 98Lm;

The metal halide lamp produces an angle. We can see that the direction of the light should be reflected from different directions.

Luminaires are also an ideal for designers and engineers, and from one perspective, we should emphasize one point.

Equipped with a universal bracket, it can also be used as a fluorescent lamp. The brackets on both sides can also be used as lamps that extend up, down, left, and right to achieve overall installation effect.

In terms of lifespan, HID has a lifespan of only 2 years, and although energy-saving lamps are 60% of incandescent bulbs, they can be used as secondary energy-saving lamps.

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