The Most Popular bespoke lighting Manufacturing Industry

The most popular bespoke lighting manufacturing industry’s fifth trademark, Hanlin Buy “Hanlin Exchange”, has been developed by the chairman of Hanlin Buy, leveraging its massive industrial strategy. This strategy will implement the large power plant plan and further organically integrate LED products for LED general lighting applications. This strategy will integrate production, storage, installation, improvement, and personnel evacuation to promote the safe development of the LED lighting industry. This strategy will implement lighting products that are more efficient, energy-saving, long lifespan, and high brightness, and utilize their technological advantages in lighting, publicity, and other aspects to promote the safe development of the LED lighting industry. This strategy will implement lighting products that are more efficient, energy-efficient, have a long lifespan, and have high brightness. This strategy will implement continuous improvement of lighting circuits and chaotic lighting ecosystem for related products, and improve the ecological performance of lighting fixtures. This strategy will implement measures such as efficient upgrading and online response for related products. These strategies have already made clear predictions for the future prospects of the LED lighting industry, including predictions from relevant personnel, enterprises, and corporate departments.

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The LE parameter of an LED lamp determines the required LED lamp, and its brightness is 80 to 100100 watts. The maximum wattage of an LED lamp is generally no less than 67200 to 300 lumens per watt. Moreover, its luminous efficiency is relatively high, with a voltage of 3000K and the highest luminous efficiency of LED lamps being 20% higher. The use of low thermal resistance results in a decrease in cost-effectiveness.

Compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps, LED lamps can achieve 80% efficiency, as they do not need to emit light and have a major advantage of over 5.

The main internal members of the actuator consider quality and usage safety regulations, and the selection of LED beads directly affects the energy conservation of this year. The rated voltage of LED beads is 220V50-Vma. One of the reasons is that the input voltage of the driver should have a DC input current limiting quantity, which makes the voltage lively and eliminates lamp bead loss.

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