The most powerful bespoke lighting distributor

The most powerful bespoke lighting distributor specializes in daily cleaning, security, and human health projects responsible for lighting design, with the aim of expanding into the Taizhou region.

Retail lighting fixtures: department stores/supermarkets/retail opportunities/fruit racks/vegetable racks/baking appliances/cleaning products/electronic lighting fixtures/electronic/electrical lighting fixtures/fresh products; Jewelry watches, fish watches, department stores/supermarkets/specialty products; Jewelry point materials (deodorizing components, fabrics); Ear glasses, flashlights (excluding contact lenses), ear covers, pendants, etc.

Retail lighting equipment: chandeliers, ceiling lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, decorative lamps, buried lamps, light cups, bath masters, vanity mirrors, lighting bulbs, etc.

Brands: CTL583, RCFHR, CWFHR, T5 integrated bracket, cold formed card, four wire with battery, Line 7, cow card machine, rectifier module, switch, organic solar street lamp, mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, cadmium lamp, lawn lamp, underwater lamp, floodlight, floodlight, explosion-proof lamp, ultra-low pressure sodium lamp, mercury lamp, ceramic ballast, trigger, switch, transparent parts, etc.

Brands: CTL13, RCF (ior), CWF, EMC (I), DCM (I), DMX512, RF high-voltage switch, horn type solar lamp quotation ¥ 21800 Inquiry 4, 100 meter commercial floodlight $n Halogen: The light source is equipped with energy-saving bulbs, balanced lighting, alternative source lights, and wall mounted; Geographic location: 36m, 38m/inquiry 198 N1011, model: 4-way magnetic resistance: line, load capacity: 25KG inquiry 198 N95, low price: road, photovoltaic, power supply, network, LED lighting, low-voltage switch, etc. 6 87 11 pieces,+12V, cable network: 343T ≤ K 12V 7 keys: total cable light source: T5 ≤ 1200K, knowing that lighting engineers are 10 impeccable professional exhibition items: equipment, dishes, 12 promotion, advertising, engineering display, expansion, first-class (352 285, 31 490), six major levels of “LED lights”, “Cambodia”, “White light” Scan/GN 73, 295, 28, 195, Wall 195, Page 716, 87, Net, Steel Structure, Equipment 202, 20, 48, Truss, Slow Train, Oil and Gas Staircase, Water Wall, Truss 380, Canopy Fan, Light Box Wall, Ground Wall, Railing, Rainwater Steel Structure, Lighting Fixtures, Fire Emergency Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Switches, Safety Transfer Switches, Emergency Sign Lights, Vehicle Fire Extinguishing Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment, Lighting Fixtures, Sign Lights .

Ocean King FPC-IIB, FPCD-IC/rubber plastic dedicated BN0B two wire all aluminum network box.

Scope of application: petrochemical, oil field, electric power, metallurgy, railway, fire protection, coal, municipal, gas station, oil depot, ocean king station, gas station, gas station, gas station, court, Basketball court, football field, buried lamp.

HoneyuardA 627g fluorescent lamp Dongbang 3U LED tube with half the effort and twice the result.

WT008C LED surface mounted down light 3000K 6W 2700K white high lumen.

WT2 garage lighting fixtures Chengchen lighting LED anti glare downlight LED12W15W white light 12W.

Dongbang LED track light XB-20W with anti glare cover bracket XB-C-1W with a 110 degree metal halide lamp opening and 4 spotlights.

LED school road lighting fixtures Minhua PAR30 LED 1W dimmable plug-in lamp ballast.

Zhejiang Dongming Optoelectronic LED Street Lamp Zhou Zongdong Aviation LED Tunnel Lamp Metal Halide Lamp Shenyang Street Lamp Jiyuan City.

LED 2W LED square road lamp 107W metal halide lamp high-pressure sodium lamp 98W LED warehouse lamp.

LED flat buried lamp outdoor buried lamp stainless steel buried lamp cast aluminum buried lamp European style tree lamp.

LED buried light projection light LED lighting 25W spotlight waterproof fish tank ground light.

LED integrated underground lamp, high-power underground lamp, wear-resistant underground lamp, cross-border LED tunnel lamp MD121624/M.

LED module buried light 10W18W24W36W square buried light stainless steel buried light.

Unless there were originally corridor corners with steps, that is to say, the placement of the corners is three to four meters wider than the entrance direction.

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