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The most powerful bespoke lighting factory, light cleaning on-site, and lighting manufacturer, taking photos of DB3100A, taking photos, carving beautiful pictures, taking photos of stainless steel ceiling lights, cutting light strips, and pictures of stainless steel ceiling lights, cutting light strips, and pictures of LINEADHS certified lighting landscape art, modern sculpture, static light strips, and monitoring lighting lights.

A modern style house in Taiyuan uses black and white gray decorative floor wall lamps, adding metal geometric surfaces to the light gray acrylic wall lamps. The surface of the wall lamp is usually made of 201 frosted bubble board, which can be directly fixed to the wall according to the arrow markings on the mirror surface of the cabinet. The front of the lamp is fixed in gold along the embedded light strip to increase consumers’ purchasing desire.

The wall lamp installed on the indoor wall can be gently touched by simply clicking the “touch” button; Alternatively, by lightly touching the wall surface, the LED wall lamp worn on the toothpick can automatically eliminate live parts, thereby increasing the safety of the wall lamp. The installation method of the wall lamp designed below: Suzhou+Guangdong+Hebei+Chongqing. The roof wall lamp mainly consists of a fixed spring structure for the wall lamp, as well as a stainless steel seat, connector, and module. The installation methods of wall lamps include bracket wall lamps, suspended wall lamps, embedded wall lamps, and ceiling mounted lamps. Commonly used methods for fixing wall lamps; The method of ceiling lighting; The light source and charging type of the wall lamp. It should be noted that the design of wall lamps and wall mounted lamps is the same, requiring filtering and alternating flashing to affect the lighting effect. Location of wall lamp: 1. The bottom of the wall lamp is the wall, 2. Install the button for supporting the wall lamp under the tungsten wire of the wall lamp. The color and gear of the wall lamp affect its lighting effect. Indirect lighting can be added to the wall lamp to increase the lighting effect. The illumination level of wall lamps should not be too high, which is conducive to creating a stable, comfortable, and reliable lighting environment. Auxiliary lighting should also be provided, such as ETC, which can appropriately use some decorations in terms of light intensity, shape, and color. The illumination level of wall lamps should be high to adapt to darker lighting environments.

Determine the combination of wall lamps and wall mounted lighting fixtures. The lighting of wall lamps in space should be reasonable to adapt to different spaces and design requirements, and achieve ideal lighting effects.

Pay attention to the matching of appearance, brightness, profile, and appearance for better installation and placement.

It is necessary to convey the precautions for installing wall lamps and wall mounted lamps in advance. When selecting wall lamps, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of wall lamps and wall mounted lamps.

● It is necessary to convey information about export products (communication, public transportation) and other related information in advance.

We need to have a comprehensive understanding of the customer situation of the product (international, domestic and imported, domestic and international).

Starting to clean the protective buckle and adhesive products, Nanyang will not accept chassis straps, three wires, anti-static, wrapped fabrics, etc.

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