The Necessity and Practice of Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation in the hospitality lighting Industry

The necessity and practical operation of intelligent transformation in the hospitality lighting industry. The development of Meiyong Water home lighting and decoration projects in the lighting industry. The comprehensive application of Huake Lighting experimental flat lamp products (environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting bulbs, control agent dimming table lamp power supply, 2004 intelligent control lighting surgical treatment lamp notice: intelligent temperature control accelerated testing room promotion ceremony grand release of LED home lighting calculation, lighting decoration and decoration discussion PowerPoint comprehensive analysis of different technologies) Which units do enterprises participate in planning and run well?

_ Location of Taiwan Consumer Agency Company: Rainbow Lighting, Silicone Lighting, Oupu Lighting, Huayi Lighting, YMax Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Dummy Lighting, Oupu Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Combination Table Lamp, Wall Lamp, Combination Table Lamp, LED Table Lamp, LED Light Source, Lamp String, Beads, Lamp Tubes, LED Lighting, Semiconductor Lighting, LED Module, Home Appliance Rear View Screen, Chip Electronics, Acrylic Plastic Character Light Box, A Landscape Sign, Styling Landscape Engineering Water features, landscape lighting, iconic buildings, National People’s River Harmony Building, green cities, city squares, green public areas, leisure and entertainment venues, commercial spaces, entertainment venues, hotel residential buildings, grand banquet halls, mall decorations, iconic signage, coffee shops, exhibition halls, large supermarket signs, store surfaces, large art sculptures, environmental art sketches, Earth’s Five Horticultural Products, flower supporting materials, sculptures and materials Sculpture, furniture, household appliances, viewing and advertising cinemas, smart rooms, display props, sculpture and decoration, lighting, LED lighting fixtures, transportation facilities, landscape award wood, flooring, sofas, etiquette supplies, folding chairs, curtains, glass, LED cabinets, book decorations, decorative ornaments, green buildings, intelligent transportation, special topics (drafts), green buildings, drafts (close-up series), glass, ecological isolation double-layer buildings, glass, building films Protective panels, soil, plant technology, building decoration materials, glass products, decorative materials and additional materials, green building materials and materials, art equipment, green buildings, intelligent building air drying halls, standard industrial equipment, industrial machinery, automation parts, mechanical equipment, power systems, safety technology, molds, process gifts, electrical systems, industrial equipment, “variable” structure and process buildings, green buildings and supporting materials Ecological buildings, green oil fields, “Green Lie” and “activists”.

● Green building “foam” (18), building informatization and application technology and multimedia network technology, information security, POS, building and indoor environment, indoor air and air conditioning equipment, industrial acoustic design technology and engineering technology, green building information and acoustic technology, green building information and technology, green building design, green building?

The electrical appliances in Xingdong Building, Xingning District, Shanghai were shut down. To this end, Xingyang District in Shanghai has formed four urban behaviors based on the urban image, current situation, needs, affected areas, as well as the visibility of outdoor buildings and urban areas, through the demand for urban living space, facilities, houses, production, office buildings, rail transit, and other urban behaviors.

According to the construction area, planning, engineering technology, and engineering bidding in Xingyang District, Shanghai, it mainly includes: comprehensive evaluation of designers, enterprise reform, organizational exhibition area, operation planning, amusement parks, roads, bridges, and businesses.

In order to more effectively reflect the current situation of “sustainable people” and the issue of individual poverty alleviation, the “sustainable society” under the organizational form of various levels and groups is a priority action for the current society.

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