The new round of channel super integration in the hospitality lighting industry has begun

The new round of channel super integration in the hospitality lighting industry has begun. After achieving fruitful performance, enterprises are also the key to system qualification, and there are more and more employees in the company.

Strive for competition and pursue change. Willing to work together with colleagues in the company for a win-win situation and create a better future. Mingheng Lighting tells you that in recent years, hospitality lighting has gradually been used in urban roads, hotel lobbies, home decoration, and distributors due to the quality of decoration.

Modern minimalist lighting emphasizes a type of panel light, wall light, embedded wall light, spot light, and so on. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers using LED panel lights, but we must pay attention to some wall lights and more.

The restaurant kitchen uses standard carbon, which is usually installed above the dining table. It is even more important to pay attention to the operating room, which is 60~85cm away from the dining table. In addition, the usage area of the dining table is not as large as the need for feng shui, if the dining table wall is just right.

Summary of Mingheng Lighting: When it comes to product development, Dalang Taolan can often be described as an industry, but in simple terms, it’s not about more, but different markets. For those who have strict quality requirements and are at the same industry level, how can they distinguish? Those who often only care about product structure and quality are swept away by the waves.

The medical examination of Mingheng Human Technology usually takes 48 hours to refine the project in detail, including safety production and product operation matters. Professional personnel are required to conduct on-site pre shift training. After the physical examination of Minghengren Technology products, pre class training can be conducted without worrying about product safety and other issues.

LED lighting fixtures are generally used for lighting in outdoor activities, supermarkets, office buildings, hotels, factories, schools, transportation facilities, and other occasions.

Our company has received orders from multiple customers. If the products exceed all the inspection standards specified by the company, we will not apply for production or sales. In order to ensure the rights and interests of customers, Hope Motor Company’s employees and staff are also expected to have the opportunity to eliminate the operation work and the end of warranty period. For our company, this is its professional production of customized products, which can perfectly serve our company

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