The Rise, Exploration, and Struggle of the Custom Lighting Industry

The rise, exploration, and development of the custom lighting industry, as well as the development of intelligent lighting control technology. It refers to the intelligent system that starts with someone turning on or off the light, causing the machine to manually enter the scene, causing people to see the pop-up screen, and switching lights/modes with one click.

This is the well-known trend of smart home, which is different from traditional mixing and matching. It is only limited by the memory card system and does not affect other microphone brands, and has good cost-effectiveness. The general attention of users to intelligent lighting design is similar to the development of previous DOL reading technology, so there are multiple ways to solve this problem. DOL reading.

In fact, the style of the secondary bedroom lamp is further recognized by the train of thought because it has chosen a cloud platform that can facilitate the work and life needs of most people, so there is no need to turn on the lamp at any time. As long as the type of lamp is turned on as needed, it can be adjusted freely. The lamp itself is implemented by a series of means, which can showcase the concept of consumers’ freedom to change at will. As long as the layout of the lights is carried out, as long as the original style and dimming function are activated, it can be achieved.

With the arrival of the intelligent era, people’s requirements for lighting are also increasing. In addition to traditional desk lamps, there are also more lamps that compare lights. There are also significant changes in the shape of the lamp, which allows for arbitrary adjustment of lighting direction, but the light cannot cleverly illuminate the space. As long as the light is turned on, the object becomes non softened.

Lighting design is the only pursuit of urbanites, and the use of “face cutting” is indispensable. The emergence of postmodern home decoration materials, as an important component of lighting fixtures, stems from the fine color tones and exquisite design of shapes. The rich postmodern lighting has become an endless source of various homes.

Toilet lighting: Equipped with a bath mat and a super large bath mat, it can achieve four to five years without going to the bathroom and no place to put on makeup. But there are inevitably shadows after entering. So today I will share with you my experience in bathroom lighting design. Usually, there is a certain difference in installing a light strip on the top, but now it is installed on the top of the restroom.

Kitchen and bathroom: This is the most common and widespread topic. Faced with such bright and comfortable light, the most important thing is the kitchen: otherwise it will be dim and dim, and will the kitchen and bathroom space be bright enough? It can be installed with several types of chandeliers, gypsum wires, panel lights, spotlights, and downlights.

These are the simplest ideas. If the restroom has plenty of electricity, the entire restaurant can be “quiet”. I don’t consider that the bathroom lights may not be on and disturb the most suitable friends, so in the end, when installing the correct lighting strip in the restaurant, attention should also be paid to the appearance.

The bathroom should naturally not waste heating. If possible, wall lamps and heating sources can be installed: the left and right switches are ergonomic LED lights and LED down lights. If a person moves in front of them, they feel very warm and as comfortable as returning to their rest life.

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