The secret I have come up with after studying multiple bespoke lighting products

Our research on light can be accurately executed, whether for lighting or photometric measurement, predicting the ultimate microbial (EL) through a series of behaviors such as encapsulation, distribution, and discrete lighting, or assimilating the results of plant interaction and growth, are all scientific and effective technologies that promote light.

Technological innovation has driven the development needs of the lighting industry. China has established a complete industrial chain, and some newly built lighting projects in certain regions have also passed national metrology standards, GB500 standards, IEC600 certification, GB25042 standards, etc. In addition, we also provide LED lighting products to domestic manufacturers who provide cutting-edge technology in the LED lighting field. Currently, we have international certification qualifications such as Philips, GE, and ADE.

With rapid development from the history of human development, China is striving to develop from the pursuit of “low-carbon” as the ideological foundation and “for people’s lives”.

Actively respond to “low-carbon lighting” to achieve “lighting ecology”. LED lighting products lead low-carbon development, with the characteristics of health, environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, and health.

Fully utilizing the development of LED DC low voltage lighting, a power driven industry, effectively fills the LED high-frequency modulation.

On the 2nd, the International Labour Commission (IEC) released the “Standards for Adjusting General Device Products”, filling in the concept of adjustment.

Recently, with the national planning efforts, the construction of smart street lights in cities across the country has been continuously carried out. More and more companies are choosing solar street lights, and every step they take is a journey.

Solar powered street lights use sunlight as their energy source. During the day, solar panels charge the batteries, and at night, the batteries supply power to the light source. There is no need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, and the layout of the lights can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is safe, energy-saving, and pollution-free, and does not require manual operation. The work is stable and reliable, saving electricity costs and maintenance. Solar street lights are safe, energy-saving, and pollution-free, without the need for labor costs. Solar street lights adopt various safety technology measures such as DC power supply, photosensitive control, time control, photosensitive control, and switch control.

Solar street lights have advantages such as good stability, long lifespan, high luminous efficiency, and easy installation and maintenance. It can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots, and other places.

Street lights have LED tubes and are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, highly popular, and have a long lifespan, making them beautiful products for landscape light manufacturers. It can be widely used in villas, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots, and other places

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