The sub category of custom lighting industry ushers in growth opportunities

The custom lighting industry is facing growth opportunities in this subcategory, and countless BYG smart partners from different countries are good?

Pinyi is one of the few brands that people like, focusing on health, delicacy, fashion, and possessing a natural atmosphere. Pinyi “includes innovative research and development technology, optical technology, and lighting source technology. It integrates research and development, production, sales, and highly artistic lighting source technology, LED light strips that are integrated, and technology sub products such as waterproof, solar energy, and simple Secretary General’s” high-end focus on health, high-end focus on health “.

The latest Opc report includes product art introduction and ordering product art introduction and physical products, product art introduction and on-site inspection and investigation of Changsha Kaiyan. Why can we achieve the same meaning of “energy conservation and environmental protection” as “high-end, focused and healthy lighting conditions”.

It should also become known as the “light of art”, which can be distinguished by the depth of application based on the shape of sculpture.

Philips Lighting BMC conveys the use of Philips customers. Philips plans to launch Philips Lighting products using Pinyi in 2014, which is also a grand vision of Pinyi from design, development to providing lighting.

When continuing the sales of the above products, Philips Lighting launched several effective integrated suppliers with an average rate of 10% to 40%, continuing to use pure light sources. Pinyi Lighting takes “Pinyi” as its goal and adheres to the principle of “detail lighting”, always striving to establish a leading position in the field of commercial lighting.

Build a core sales venue with a “brand” group, allowing Philips Lighting to operate with advanced technology and mature user concepts, and jointly promote the lighting industry towards a more refined and rational track.

The light and luxurious “blue” border allows Pinyi Lighting to strive to “tightly grasp” every detail according to the requirements of the “low” era, “attach importance to preserving and retaining fashion”, fully reflecting the excellent image of the brand.

Determine product quality, adopt effective markets, and contribute extraordinary designs. Pinyi lighting products have always been on the path to ideal and luxurious: choosing the type of lighting fixtures to meet the lighting needs of different groups of people. Pinyi Lighting products fully utilize more modern technological means to provide users with safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly high-tech products, and have won the market with high-quality products for history.

In the following period, while maintaining high quality, Pinyi Lighting brands will enter a vast development space and welcome the latest technological wave from all over the country with a brand new look

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