The sub category of hospitality lighting industry is facing growth opportunities

The hospitality lighting industry is facing growth opportunities in this subcategory. The subcategory of lighting fixtures and LED lighting products are almost identical in order to create a harmonious relationship between the so-called “shape” and “reality”.

Through the actual construction of a new teaching environment, in the first quarter of 2021 (a seven year period with an annual output value of 50 billion yuan), electricity conservation will drive the market for ground transformers and LED lighting. The average annual growth rate exceeds one hundred billion yuan.

At the end of June 2021, with the arrival of the Smart Community Award Ceremony as scheduled, the first phase of the “Fast Lane Lamp Pole Circle” in China was officially put into operation, and the “Two Lines and One Line City” emerged and hung high, leading the way to people’s lives. Large lighting companies have attached great importance to the prosperity of cities, and graduate students have gained rich practice in the smart lighting industry. After summarizing, several senior polymer entrepreneurs believe that:, 2021 is a year of great potential for smart lighting, bringing good luck and innovation to more creative enterprises in the future.

After the completion of the smart streetlight project, the entire city is showcased in a monochromatic horse racing linkage manner, with the theme of full color {dy}.

This newspaper has successively carried out comprehensive demonstration activities for smart light poles on all levels of highways, including those in the city, urban areas, and provinces and cities, with each showing its own talents. In the first half of this year, with the comprehensive implementation of the Geeya policy, funds, manpower and material resources from various regions will be invested to give urban intelligent hardware a comprehensive demonstration.

As another huge field of intelligent IoT solutions, intelligent lighting systems are undoubtedly the future of today’s high-tech industry chain, and “intelligence” has become a “hot spot” in the construction of global smart lighting poles. Its supporting products add new meaning to the construction of smart cities. “Smart” includes: comprehensive detection, Internet of Things, cloud computing, Big data, 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, investment attraction, wisdom, etc. In addition, various types of information continue to flow into various levels of the industrial chain, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of smart light poles.

Comprehensive detection includes various data collection, CPU processing, statistical analysis, dynamic collection, and subsequent judgment, as well as collecting and sending basic information to various lighting terminals.

Mounting may even bring a heavy burden to the construction. Smart lightpoles are designed to help people think about the future and support ‘hotspots’. Then,’ media ‘values basic information, supports the combination of’ media ‘,’ video ‘,’ dynamic ‘and’ self charging ‘,’ data ‘and’ comprehensive ‘, and will create a new ecosystem of smart lightpoles The Chongqing Road Lamp Pole Management Office meticulously excavates and tightly integrates the overall shape of T-shaped irregular lighting fixtures, net cover benchmark, vertical, column synchronization, multi angle and circular adjustments, and meticulously excavates and forms a multi-layer building.

As the core part of landscape lighting facilities, the alternating proportion and strict layout of buildings and places have become a major issue for the safety protection of landscape lighting.

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