The transformation and development of the hospitality lighting industry are becoming increasingly urgent

The transformation and development of the hospitality lighting industry are becoming increasingly urgent, requiring quantitative matching, precise lighting distribution, and precise pre casting installation services within the industry. Hotel city lighting leads more industries to internationalize building plans and layout single family villas. Shende Huacai Optoelectronics, located in the Western Bay Area of Foshan.

● The lighting system is mainly used for artistic creation under the vertical integrated display device through digital signal transmission equipment. The digital dimmer is used to cooperate with the Stage lighting system (light control equipment, SRC switch power supply projected by the touch screen, Qicaiqiao input control circuit board) for artistic creation to enhance the artistry. A good performance has great inspiration and inspiration for artistic creation.

● Humanized and intelligent control. The control of the computer light is the automatic switching of the led light source based on the intelligent control of the one touch brightness adjustment. The built-in LED light source module automatically switches the Monochromatic radiation panel light and Bluetooth LED light. The computer lights are controlled by the network terminal through Ethernet, and all light networking devices are controlled on this network. All intelligent control platforms are controlled separately, and the control line of the intermittent control signal light connected to the Monochromatic radiation panel at the top provides system control. Each light networking device is equipped with an intelligent control terminal, including a network. Program control the color, pattern, chips, and quantity of the circuit for each completed dual color light source panel.

Thyristor is a common system of management or fault management system, which generally contains basic data for repairing faulty zero fire (or electrical appliances) and is controlled according to the system. Generally, it uses international first tier manufacturers such as Philips and GE, and there is also a type of gateway function that some small companies cannot support.

● Exhibition. Common lighting control terminal products obtain an adjustment position after line voltage compensation adjustment. The control terminal display of this adjustment position mainly includes line voltage compensation adjustment and power supply, and can also be controlled by power supply, controller, etc. Here, power source conversion or dimming panel can also be used for power supply.

When in road mode, normal lighting, signal, and control can be achieved; It can also control line voltage and control/signal; It also supports other control terminal protocols.

It is converted into an independent lighting function, for example, when adjusting the lighting brightness, the brightness can also be adjusted, sometimes the illumination can also be adjusted, and sometimes the color temperature can also be adjusted according to customer needs.

● Under the same area and regular Internal environment, our company can dim here to achieve colorful lighting. In all dimming processes, our company controls the lighting console directly, and can also manually and automatically control the power on. This can bring about natural environmental changes in different seasons, and the system can automatically change colors. It can also change lighting and other lighting effects at any time, providing great convenience compared to traditional power saving.

The diameter of the lamp is d ± 20mm/Pmm, and the sealing performance of the lamp is good but poor. The lamp has good sealing performance and there is no liquid hazard in the lamp body. Low maintenance cost, high lighting brightness, and a mixture of multiple lighting effects.

Dimming method: The control panel may have up to two switching currents, one of which is an LED driver power supply.

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