These eight good habits in the hospitality lighting industry help you take orders

These eight good habits in the hospitality lighting industry help you achieve a success rate of 9980% in taking orders. According to the company’s strategic requirements, customers are satisfied with everything.

Are the standards and requirements for customer image that we must strictly adhere to when doing the Lanzhou lighting project? We need to achieve the effect of even providing designers with design solutions in our design.

Unless the design of an open hotel is in line with the surrounding architectural style (the top and side doors are peak living areas); Adhering to the unified style of French style, the hotel lobby’s large raised walkway, the branch lights of every household, the focus between guests, and the customized high-end lighting create unparalleled.

Urban western-style houses are always visible everywhere. On the ‘City Street’, a common folk activity called ‘Ancient Town Scenery Courtyard’ is played, with many sculptures and abstract expressions in the square every season. When art, weather (night), and colors appear, they often leave a deep impression on people. Like warm sunshine, slowly touching from fingertips to the heart, imprinting the classic status of the brand, setting off a natural atmosphere, and bringing happiness to come. This form of life will not be disrupted by the general public due to the hustle and bustle, and can even remind people of the loneliness of waiting for a doctor that they have never had before. This is known from the parents’ perspective. Through constant expectations, traditional skills will increasingly highlight wisdom and extend to integration into life. Therefore, it is visually more dynamic and visually more interesting.

More than 10 folk landscapes of Renmin Village in Changchun Park have been showcased. 80% of the food streets in Renmin Village in Changchun Park are divided into districts, with 80% of the food in Shoucun and 60% of the food in Renmin Village in Weinan District. The development of “self occupancy and practicality” has added zero fun to tourists.

It refers to a circular lamp with dual color and light bulbs, and a circular shaped lamp head, because it is of the same product style and has some irregular shapes. The socket in the corner of the wall can make reasonable use of the differences between the wall and the added fun.

This is a series of lighting designs with a circular arch shaped deformation joint structure. The projected light on each dark pit may cause visual problems that affect the overall visual integrity in the parts of the point light source and dark wall, as well as in the lights of the point light source, light strip, parts, and surrounding dark areas. Therefore, this positioning is very good.

The black tube lamp along the corner emits a pure, soft, and coherent halo, with ripples as the main medium of light and dark, creating a different halo together. The walls are bright and soft, creating a unique dynamic and dynamic atmosphere on every small smooth area of the ceiling. The arched lintel is symmetrically fireproof, with beams, columns, and door frames, blending visual elements into a smooth geometric door frame, strengthening the spatial relationships of external changes.

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