These new regulations for custom lighting have officially been implemented

These new regulations on custom lighting have officially been implemented, allowing you to experience more wedding ceremonies and embark on a technological path from price, decoration, and color and tax saving for Baishi.

Each room has walls with light, covering a range of technologies such as intelligent lighting and photobiosafety. The application projects of this room include: information display and control, floor cabinet lights, curtains, air conditioning and other firefighting, as well as emergency call sound lighting and sound.

A living residence is not only a simple indoor space, but also a family, company, office, school, and public place. These family members are struggling in the darkness, and sometimes even after the darkness, they will generate vibrant power devices. The selection of living room lighting directly affects the overall aesthetic level of the entire room.

The TV background wall in the living room must have a controllable phase line interface, which can be installed in the TV cabinet or further beyond the TV screen.

The floor of the living room must be carpeted and equipped with lights. The “floor” not only serves as a partition, but also allows for pre arranged cinemas, video recording tables, and so on.

If the top of the bedroom is quite wide, spotlights can be used to supplement the bedroom. Use small spotlights in the corner of the living room to supplement the wall lights, so that when the TV wall is finished, you can also watch TV.

Usually, when designing the ceiling of the living room, it refers to the embellishment of daily life details.

The above is the relevant sharing on how to pay attention to the lighting fixtures in the bedroom, mainly from wall lamps and bedside tables.

Sharing: For bedrooms, creating a warm, comfortable, and comfortable lighting environment is very important. A warm and bright lighting environment can not only stimulate people’s vitality, but also make it easier for them to be awakened in consciousness and concepts, or adjust suitable home and rest according to their own needs.

The design case of Hong Kong Autumn Restaurant is located in the Diamond Garden of AB Store, with a construction area of 390000 square meters. The lighting highlights brightness and passion, and the entire space is bright and transparent, with bright and simple colors.

While enjoying the cold winter, the lighting can also set off the warmest and most colorful lighting environment, creating the most natural emotional atmosphere

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