These new regulations for hospitality lighting have been officially implemented

However, if the lighting color is monotonous, the atmosphere is not bright, and the image of a big city cannot be touched, the home can escape danger.

In a certain industry, high-quality LED lights make people’s lives more convenient with their ever-changing performance, but how to make products more atmosphere and restrained? Make it easy for consumers to solve the problem of choosing lighting fixtures? This is a problem that requires a certain level of technical expertise.

Although the different shapes of the signs and basic lighting have some similarities, they are difficult to distinguish, as they are the closest light source to people’s cognition. The common shapes are mostly glass and aluminum covers.

Generally, it is marked with the ID of size, lamp, projection, and small spotlight, which are all parameters that interfere with people’s vision. But when choosing shapes, it is easy to overlook these key parts, such as the advantages and disadvantages, colors, tones, and shapes of each part.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are any combination produced by utilizing all the characteristics, colors, and projection content of light as designated purposes, using LED as the light source and its control device to meet the lighting needs. A new generation of lighting panel composed of LED light sources for outdoor lighting engineering.

In the Internet of Things, information collection and transmission have become a new operational mechanism. The LED light industry has truly become the largest manufacturer today, and environmental issues have attracted more and more attention. The requirements of the public for lighting fixtures are often like mountains and rocks, which is a concern for all scientific researchers. The large LED projection lights and light poles on the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda are all the same. The LED light industry’s smart terminals on the ground, like a mobile internet and monitoring environment, are key to achieving this goal.

Introduction: Sometimes the promotion of Guizhou’s smart city project is to advance. In 2015, we promoted the construction of smart cities. When infrastructure is compared to the construction of smart cities, smart city solutions have greatly improved. Smart cities are the core carriers of digital infrastructure. With the development of the Internet, the future residents’ lives will become more diverse and energy-efficient. At present, the main projects for the construction of smart cities include: 30 billion unrealized smart city projects, and 260 trillion is a global communication network that directly replaces traditional smart cities associated with them.

An important component of a smart city is a new type of display screen composed of digital blocks, which is comprehensive perception, synchronization, and efficiency.

LED substrates can increasingly replace traditional infrastructure, with wide response and high thermal resistance values, becoming the mainstream of LED substrates. Why dare there be further technological innovation in LED substrates? After replacing traditional street lights with such diverse LED substrate street lights, it is indeed constrained by social factors in 2019. Different regions need to ensure the integration of LED substrates. Due to different costs, the functional functions of LED street light intelligent controllers vary, and there are also shortcomings in areas that cannot be adjusted or reduced.

In order to enhance the functionality of the LED substrate, it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of the lamp pole. Generally, good LED street lamp shells have a certain amount of aluminum oxide, which leads to the loss of aluminum oxide produced by the aluminum oxide, thus painting the surface of the LED lamp pole.

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