These new regulations on hospitality lighting may affect your business!

These new regulations on hospitality lighting may affect your business! Customer’s aesthetic! The size of the guest! Write by Pin! After continuous development, the company produces German products: customers transform themselves into authoritative users of one of the best products.

The lighting design of guest rooms should follow the following principles: 1. The illumination value inside the guest room should be less than 300LX; 2. The illumination value at night is greater than 300LX; 3. Automatically adjust according to the direction of the room; 4. The brightness and shade of local lighting can be directly adjusted to increase the brightness and color of the environment; 5. For the interior and exterior lighting of walls or cabinets, a set of lighting fixtures can be added to collect and control; 6. The driving light in the room produces auxiliary effects, which can promote the illumination of two areas; 7. According to the key locations of the hotel’s interior design, the combination of light and dark can generate different lights and be configured locally through light strips. Before participating in the exhibition, corresponding information needs to be determined: 1. The functional lighting of the guest room should meet the basic lighting requirements of the nearby area; 2. According to the lighting design of the clinic, convenient and comfortable lighting facilitates examination and medical treatment while maintaining the integrity of the original space; 3. According to the situation of the clinic, any lighting fixtures that illuminate the area rely on increasing the spatial sense of illumination to make biological and physiological activities more healthy.

Intelligent lighting is the core component of smart home systems. What sensors are equipped with each smart home? It provides a good driving environment. When a human body invades, the intelligent lighting control system immediately intersects with the embedded time to ensure safety. This is also the best advantage and disadvantage of an intelligent lighting control system – it does not require external maintenance to achieve intelligent control.

The intelligent lighting system can achieve the use of functions such as air conditioning fresh air, intelligent doors and windows, intelligent door locks, automatic cat eyes, and facial recognition lighting systems, while also ensuring safety.

In addition, the intelligent lighting control system automatically adjusts the lighting angle based on the situation of the hospital and medical staff, improving the efficient operation of health diagnosis and treatment. Through sensitivity and light control, it helps to improve the sleep quality, health sleep quality, and sleep quality of doctors, providing intelligent control and maintenance for various lighting systems, and energy-saving equipment operation.

Huawei wireless technology intelligent lighting control system is a full series of innovative high-tech lighting products created by Haiwei Lighting, realizing the Paperless office, intelligent, open and intelligent lighting control concept.

With the maturity of LED lighting products, various lamps can maximize their service life while reducing the complex process of replacement, repair, and maintenance. IP65 level 10% lightning protection, chips are made of military plastic, safe, reliable, and energy-saving.

It is reported that in order to implement the important system of “creating healthy and green lighting signs” in Ningbo, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety, and environmental protection will directly affect the operational quality of enterprises.

The ‘leader of LED lighting products in the city’ is the company’s mission to continuously deepen its recent transformation, gather consensus among upstream and downstream industry experts, establish a healthy system for the enterprise, and build a distinctive industry.

At present, the LED lighting demonstration project integrating GE Lighting, Osram, Huapu (Shi Shi), Qiyuan Optoelectronics (No. 2), Schwarzenegger, power station production, semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and sales has become the most complete LED lamp manufacturer in the industry.

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