This bespoke lighting development has a really good effect

This bespoke lighting development has a really good effect, ensuring basic lighting operations. Without lighting, it’s a great thing.

The lighting of the storefront should be selected with good lighting that can provide students with proper visual experience, as well as good lighting fixtures with upward light sources. According to the adjustment of illuminance, the light source is projected in all directions to improve illuminance, and it is important to avoid dazzling lights.

The lighting fixtures in the catering lighting space can be classified according to the number of channels. Considering the dining lighting function, the following three types of lighting methods can be considered.

Comprehensive monochromatic lighting can consider large color change, color temperature, color rendering, uniform light output, alternating light, etc. Customized large color LED lamps can also be considered.

Half open is the most advanced lighting experience for locals, and creating unique lighting effects can have unexpected effects.

Of course, specially designed lighting effects can allow tourists to travel, sightseeing, work, and chat while minimizing construction costs and losses.

In addition to directly open and enclosed lighting fixtures, human infrared sensing probes and human infrared sensing lamps are also used.

Suitable light sources can help them find the lighting fixtures they need in different spaces, making them less crowded. Providing a lighting experience is also very convenient, especially in the quiet of night, where they can feel the quality of light to a greater extent.

The installation of Stage lighting is very important. Everyone will choose to install the lighting lease when performing any performance. Because Stage lighting enables the audience to find the lighting effect they need in different spaces and enjoy the shocking lighting experience.

To properly configure professional stage lights, it is important to first understand the commonly used light levels of stage lights, which is an important step in selecting the correct configuration.

Light: The light projected from the top of the audience towards the stage, mainly used for the front lighting of the characters and the basic lighting of the entire set.

Light: Located on both sides of the platform entrance, the light slanted onto the stage is divided into several layers, mainly used to assist in facial lighting, enhance facial lighting, and enhance the flatness of characters and scenery.

● Light (also known as side light): The light projected from both sides of the platform entrance is mainly used for illuminating both sides of characters and scenery, increasing the sense of flatness and contour.

Light: The light that projects from above the stage to the stage, divided from front to back into a row of top lights, two rows of top lights, three rows of top lights, etc. It is mainly used for general stage lighting, enhancing stage illumination, and has many fixed point illumination of scenery and props, mainly solved by top lights.

Light: The light projected from the opposite direction of the stage (such as overhead light, bridge light, etc.) can outline the contours of characters and scenery, enhance the sense of three-dimensional and transparent, and can also be used as a specific light source.

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