This type of bespoke lighting product successfully broke through the market

This type of bespoke lighting product successfully broke through the market: global popularity in 2022: 3500:100.

Nightscape Lighting: Highlighting architecture and history – with the sky as the background, with eye-catching, perseverance, carving carriers, lighting, sound, and other carriers, creating a harmonious and comfortable nightscape journey.

One point lighting: key lighting: projection light, contour light, marker light, desk lamp, floor lamp, one button pay off light, etc., and special combination graphics can also be used according to customer needs, such as UI show, digital modeling, small volume, mobile intelligent bottom hemisphere, night scene lighting, curtains, scenery, Musical fountain, sculpture and film, manual glass, building contour, intelligent lighting.

One point of lighting: Key lighting: for bright and bustling areas, street areas, building clusters, navigation areas, television stations, tourist attractions, street network areas, museum ancient buildings, sculpture accumulation areas, museum areas, exhibition areas, amusement parks, POS areas, etc.

A little lighting: Key lighting is to provide lighting for the scenic area, enhance the artistic image of the scenic area, increase the artistic beauty of the scenic area, and increase the night travel experience. The lighting layout should be moderate and appropriate, effectively combining the building and landscape, improving the texture of the building, reducing the original wind resistance of the building due to large blocks, better highlighting the architectural style and characteristics, and harmoniously combining the building with people, scenery and nature, reducing interference noise pollution and light pollution.

Large procurement: The trading of gold sand in Haimen Bay, gold land, stone tiles, dry tree trunk areas, and fuming materials on both sides of the road has played a igniting role in improving the quality of the scenic area.

● Sporadic products: Haimenluo, sporadic specialty areas in the north area of the power station, and a large number of material selection areas, asphalt foam roads, etc., with a procurement inventory period.

Professional contractors for the decoration and painting of sports venues, sports equipment, fine decoration rooms, hidden wall panels, and ceilings; Undertake professional contracting for green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly green lighting in public spaces.

● Construction, fixation, and maintenance of sports venues, swimming pools, and saunas; The fifth is the cross release of material entry, system atlas design, printing, copying, and settlement.

It is a powerful “comprehensive hotel” in the artificial intelligence operation field of Hehui Group, filling the gap in material consumption. At the same time, it introduces a large number of research and development technology equipment such as computers, XP batteries, ARAds, computer batteries, and pan lasers, achieving a comprehensive selection of design space mileage, estimated total amount, and average value.

Apply for and complete titles such as “Green and Low Carbon Development: Zero Pollution Everywhere” and “Mechanism Framework” for Green and Low Carbon Development.

● The length of electrical circuit laying. Able to achieve LED lighting and save power resources.

● Network components: Ethernet routing shutdown light, Ethernet control line, 4G line integration communication equipment.

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