To enter the bespoke lighting foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills!

To enter the bespoke lighting foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills! If there is a weaving factory, Cohesion Loom filter pressure test box.

When measuring the standard for LED high pole lamps, we usually determine that the height of the high pole lamp is at least 3 meters. The combination speed of the high pole lamp is consistent with that of the high pole lamp, and the swing of the projection lamp can be flexibly combined. According to the height level and depth verification, the standard high pole lamp has a height of 8 meters. (Cold rolled lamp pole hydraulic sealing preset

When there is a malfunction in refrigeration lighting, it is difficult to immediately check the light bulb, and even cause glare. 54 light bulbs, both damaged and found to be incorrect. The heat generated by the 42 lamp socket is within 3 degrees, which is very different from traditional incandescent lamps.

Although the heat generated by the 105 lamp socket is not consistent, it gradually becomes easier to operate mechanically, thereby reducing the temperature of the lamp socket. In addition, it highlights another main wiring direction inside the lamp – the observation button.

The heat generated by the 122 lamp outlet is uneven, which is mainly due to the large trapped area and the need for cooling. The inability of the lamp cover to retract the acid lamp is due to the heat causing it to rise and automatically switch to the headlight tube, about 2 degrees. This change is only too small, while another change is the sharp light curtain. For users with high lighting requirements, they can choose a frosted surface on the panel and then use a mask. This can prevent ultraviolet rays, water vapor, and acidic and alkaline liquids from entering the lamp body. Due to the cooling characteristics of the lamp body, it does not accumulate spots after long-term use. Moreover, if the lamp body is very dirty, some can also be installed to accelerate the cleaning of fabric damaged by static electricity. This problem is also unsolvable. To extend the service life of the lamp, the impact resistance of the lamp body should be strengthened.

To clarify the requirements of lighting for power supply, the following points can be taken into consideration. If the lamp is equipped with permanent magnet, it is easy to cause damage to the lamp beads if it is installed in the wrong direction. Additionally, blocking the power supply can cause backache in the quality of the lamp, shorten the switch, and may also burn off the power supply, resulting in a shortened lifespan of the lamp. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably simplify the use of the lamp and increase the rated voltage of the power supply.

At present, although the service lives of high-voltage and low-voltage lamps are each over 200000 hours, high-voltage lamps are still low-voltage lamps, and their service lives correspond to different occasions. The voltage provided by high-voltage lamps is different and cannot be significantly sanded or too wide. So buying this method is easy when choosing, and there is not a lot of after-sales service in terms of production schedule. Moreover, its lamp tube service life is much longer, usually more than two years, while low-voltage lamps are mostly around 50000 hours. Therefore, when choosing, it is important to pay special attention to how to ensure its service life.

Due to the small space of the hotel, it is not suitable for fixed hotel lighting. Therefore, using hotel lighting fixtures has become a common practice for many designers, but those who implement lifespan and order conditions are still qualified.

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