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Unlimited Customization of Ceiling Lighting and Chandeliers

Unlimited Customization of Ceiling Lighting and Chandeliers



You are unique. Can the same be said of the lighting in your house? We are a lighting manufacturer in China focusing on customizing your chandelier or the ceiling lighting design to be as unique as you. The scope of your imagination on lighting customization is your limit.


Dimension and light source

We deliver designer chandeliers  in line with individual needs. You may want a specific chandelier, for instance, like the Murano Chandeliers, but you believe that they are too big to fit into your room. We can restructure the same chandeliers in smaller or bigger dimensions in line with your need.

Additionally, you may require the removal of a certain feature from a chandelier. For instance, you can have a distaste of the many numbers of candles in a crystal chandelier. We can deliver such a chandelier with the redesign that meets the user's specifications. We deliver chandeliers, for instance, with the odd, even or specified number of candles and light sources in a fitting design.


Design of the crystal shapes

Crystal shapes have a defining role on the choices of the chandeliers. Imagine a mission-type chandelier with the rose or octagon-shaped crystals. Think about blending the oil drop and the almond and the spear crystals in one chandelier. Well, you can imagine any shape of the crystals and give us an order. We have perfected the art of engaging diversity by varying the crystal shapes in line with varying unique requirements of our clients.


The lampshades

It is time to test variety by altering the color of the lampshade. Would you imagine how a beaded and shell chandeliers could look in a Organza, Chintz, and Orka colored lampshades. Diversity in lampshade colors is limitless. Try the limit and test your diversity by mixing an uncommon lampshade with a different chandelier design.

It is necessary to reflect on the three main lampshades. Such reflection lays bare the unique aspects of each lampshade. It eases the process of a client in considering the required lampshade for the chandelier.


The Ceiling Light design

Ceiling lighting is a representation of individual preferences. It needs to be unique as you can imagine. We offer ceiling lighting design perfectly in line with our clients demands. We customize the most common ceiling light designs in numerous ways as discussed below.

It is necessary to reflect that the scope of the ceiling lighting design discussed here is not exhaustive. Our clients are free to order any form of customization they may wish.


Redesign of the size and shape of the flush lights

The flush lights are the most common type of ceiling lighting. We have delivered different shapes and sizes of flush lights in oval, round, oil-drop, and other shapes.


LED indirect lighting

The idea of LED indirect light comes with a variety of lighting options. The traditional superimposed ceiling in a rectangular shape is a common form of indirect ceiling lighting. We redesign the LED indirect lighting by offering all forms of underlying shapes covering the indirect light.

Think of an indirect light with a wavy or a meandering edges. Think of the need to install the same LED indirect lighting in different rooms or corridors despite their difference in size. We can deliver such with perfection.


Pendant ceiling lighting

Pendants provide a unique but traditional form of ceiling lighting. They only provide one source of light and form shadows. Such an element has led to the need of customization of pendants as a ceiling light.

You may need a pendant that offers different sources of light. Such can eliminate the severity of shadows and improve on the quality of light in a room. We customize the pendants by varying their shapes, sizes, and the sources of light that they can provide.

We vary the pendant light design in different ways. We can vary the color of the pendant, the color of the light that the pendant offers, and the design of the pendant. An inverted pendant, for instance, with a golden base may fit into the color theme of your room. Offer us a unique pendant design and we can execute it to perfectly fit your needs.


Ceiling materials

There are various ceiling lighting designs in line with the ceiling material used. The use of glass as the cover of the lighting material commonly applies due to its ability to diffuse the light.

There is little to vary the use of glass as the cover of the lighting fixtures. However, one can alter the shape, color, size, and the texture of the glass. If your house has blue seats, for instance, you can request for blue glass lighting glass cover for the lighting fixture. It is available in any shape as you may request us.


Fabric Light Fixtures

Different fabrics can apply as a lighting fixture. They are associated with relaxing or cool moods. Fabrics are used since they come in different colors and translucently allow light through them.

We offer a variety of fabric light fixtures. They include variance in the color, fabric design, and the overall shape of the fixture. Such designs can borrow from the overall theme of the different items in the room.


Metal Ceiling Lights

It is not uncommon to find metal ceiling lights in different houses. The lighting is covered by a metal shaped in a different design. It is commonly inspired by industrial design. It is a design that is prevalent in kitchen lighting.

The variance in metal ceiling lighting can be in bulb-shape and the outer metal shape. The shape and the size of the bulb determines the nature of the metal shape on the outer part. You may choose to add a discreet metal shape to supplement the theme of the fixtures in the house.


Call to Action

We have deconstructed the mythical attachment of crystal shapes to a specific type of a chandeliers and ceiling light design. You just need to contact us with your unique details. We shall deliver a chandelier that is as unique as you. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it in line with your description.

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