What are consumers most concerned about in the hospitality lighting industry?

What are consumers most concerned about in the hospitality lighting industry? The beautiful and cost-effective lighting design is more about giving guests a five-star feel. Wall lamps, desk lamps, bedside lamps, and other optional types are installed in the cave, including warm white light, energy-saving light, color light, combined with local ceiling decoration and lighting.

The material commonly used in kitchens is SMT surface, usually from aluminum and titanium alloy walls or walls to the lower trough layer. In this way, most of the processed kitchens or tools use LED lights, including hanging cabinets, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. Pay attention to the color scheme when selecting these items.

The power distribution system of a hotel must be limited to the highest level of customization. Generally, users propose and package the power distribution equipment system of a certain plane. This method allows the hotel to be independent according to each function, and these equipment can be customized, and can also be multi-layer or composite.

Hotels are usually divided into business type and tourist vacation type. Business type hotels are usually located on economically developed roads. With the continuous development of the economy, people’s living standards are improving, and the requirements for quality of life are also constantly improving. Therefore, customization of hotels is very promising. This custom lighting fixture can bring a lot of creativity and design skills to the hotel, and combined with the characteristics of the material, it can make the hotel more competitive and continuously develop, It meets the visual needs of users very well.

Customization generally refers to optimizing the design of the panels, switches, springs, assemblies, and bases of all functional materials in a hotel to correctly fit each function. By adjusting the brightness of the lights through a dial switch, the overall brightness is adjusted to increase the color of the hotel’s lighting.

Adopting customized anti glare spotlights and magnetic absorption track lights, combined with shared anti glare design, to achieve the application of hotel multi-point lighting system, increase hotel operation and maintenance efficiency, truly achieve the goal of energy conservation and rich home lighting experience in the hotel, and achieve perfect lighting configuration for villas, villa homestays, open office areas, shopping malls, clubs, fine decoration residences, high-end apartments, digital office areas, and high-end apartments

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