What are the characteristics of custom lighting

What are the characteristics of custom lighting? I have received excellent feedback from the above and shared it with my peers to beautify my team’s brand strategy.

The mechanical amplification of the theater stage includes multiple parts, which output relevant precision levels in addition to some reliable level data, as well as the value of complexity data, including their power size, frequency limitations, position limitations, and differences in operation.

Intelligent light wrenches are some products that are not associated with people. Some are products that people do not have much time and energy to design, such as manual tools, budgeting, etc.

The blur function is only used to make the lighting brighter and the furnishings more appealing. However, fuzzy lighting system is a technical problem. One issue with its rational application is the brightness of light. Let’s take a look at what.

For the pattern distribution, in order to ensure the lighting effect of the company’s stage, the product starts from low and fast levels, and the lighting design within this time range can effectively solve this problem.

For lighting design, there can be temperature requirements. The temperature of the light becomes a buffer point for regulating mood. The residual heat gas is the temperature of the cabin.

On the darkened stage, a temperature coded lamp was designed, and the logo lamp added a sense of original design to the Stage lighting. Time is the hour. The luminous flux is 1800 lumens.

Considering the size of the stage, as well as the imaging system, it is suitable for lighting, high beam angle, and light irradiation range.

The water pipe 3802 is modeled with an area of 120 square meters, and the outer diameter of the lamp body is 300mm. It is divided into A and B. The position of A, the volume of D and A, and D and G are the average windward angles of the room A, respectively. The two sides of G are about 20o.

From the perspective of computer graphic design, the outer diameter of the lamp body is 300mm, divided into A and B, and AP uses C at both ends, C-750W.

From the perspective of the four lamp positions, tungsten filament lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, and metal halide lamps have undergone multiple optical designs and improvements, with scientific structural design. The appearance color matching is efficient, the color temperature is variable, the exposure focal length is far to near, and the sunlight is sufficient.

Power control: DMX512 bus control technology can control the system normally according to the diagram, with excellent dimming level performance and power factor>.

Small size: The flat mouth light shape, flat head light box design, and modular design make the light box light head more flexible and smaller.

LED lamp beads have a variety of styles on the market, with a waterproof grade of up to IP65, which is deeply loved by customers. The arrangement of the lamp beads is made of aluminum alloy with indispensable heat dissipation ribs, which has good heat transfer performance and is an aluminum substrate. The single lamp has a small heat dissipation volume, while the other aluminum substrates have many other advantages. The heat dissipation effect is good, and the heat conduction and heat dissipation are scientific, ensuring the lifespan of the lamp beads.

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