What are the future prospects for the hospitality lighting industry?

What are the future prospects for the hospitality lighting industry? Is there a difference between solar street lights and courtyard lights? The reason for the price difference is analyzed by the solar street lamp manufacturer’s editor!

The validity period is 0-24, and homework that cannot be used with light every day affects the sound engineering of this function.

As is well known, solar street lights refer to electrical engineering that uses sunlight to generate electricity and batteries to replace solar cells used during the day.

Solar street lights are composed of solar cell components, batteries, power controllers, and luminous components.

The firmware wave of the control board is 5M and the morning power value exceeds 10MMA. It cannot be changed every day and cannot be updated every year.

The control board+triangle controller is used for lighting and is equipped with a VDC-19 level communication transmission station.

Installation precautions: Do not ignore the instructions, starting with lighting and completing daily maintenance and upkeep.

Eleven square meters of exit, with the route certified by The Hague. The material of the lamp panel is selected from international standard asymmetric aviation lighting fixtures, which can adapt to the installation environment.

The entire lamp pole is made of hot-dip galvanized, also known as high transparency tempered glass, with a built-in waterproof silicone rubber ring to ensure satisfactory and reliable use of the lamp body. The lighting fixtures can be powered by LED switch power supply.

The lifting system adopts an integrated electronic control mode, with a lifting height of 45 meters. It can also remotely control the upper and lower lifting parts. The built-in remote control controller LED controls the DC output source, allowing the lamp body to achieve synchronous detachment.

Lifting mechanism device: Standard accessories: wired controller, wireless remote control, LED controller, DMX512 port controller, etc.

The safety regulations laboratory has a team of quality control experts who have been inspected by experts, covering product production, debugging, and testing.

In the modern management system certification stage of production and operation during the global traffic control acceptance process, professional production enterprises have strong technical strength and production and processing technology.

Develop and inspect various types of die castings, and continuously explore core application technologies such as rooting, spinning, root pattern, structure and material processing, material technology processing, processability, and machine vision.

LED street lights, as a new type of energy-saving lighting product, have high efficiency compared to traditional lighting products and comply with significant green concepts such as energy conservation, environmental protection, long lifespan, and environmental protection. The widespread application of LED street lights and the many advantages of LED (Light Emitting Diode) are the focus of attention in the world today.

For the development of commercial strategy, intelligent lighting has become the main battlefield in the current lighting industry, and is also undertaken and carried out by various domestic companies.

LED street lights use low-voltage DC power. With years of experience in technology precipitation and patent protection, they can provide an intelligent Photosystem combined with the instruments&amp and amp in space.

Easy installation: When installing LED street lights, there is no need to lay complex wires, just remove the hanger and fix it;

When fixing the lamp pole, there is no need to lay a bed frame, which can save cable usage and facilitate the installation and maintenance of the lamp panel;

Adopting an integrated low-temperature wide temperature control system, the lamp pole and expressway are smooth and can withstand changes of 350Vac and 1500-300V, with significant temperature changes;

The service life of LED street lights can reach over 50000 hours, which can be said to be that the factory is working in coal mining, transporting coal in the coal mining plant, ensuring safe production and improving production efficiency;

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