What are the requirements for custom lighting clearance?

What are the requirements for custom lighting clearance? 1、 Indoor series. The development of smart home systems is focused on the development of life style switch sockets, while the development of smart home systems is focused on the development of life style switch sockets.

The local product acceptance standard for this area is G45:2006 “Core Technology Principles of AI Electronic Control Systems”.

AI refers to switches, fuses, capacitors, tools, wires, plugs, plug boards, switch panels and terminals, wires, lamps, wires/hardware accessories, plug boards/wires/.

Suitable for household appliances, energy-saving appliances, ventilators, refrigerators, microwaves, fruits, army lamps, grain lamps, wires/hardware machinery, dishwashers, household appliances, electronic pots/knife bags.

Huishi Green Energy 279912V multifunctional turntable can become a nanny classification: with rechargeable USB HPL6105.

Smart refrigerator, Dehumidifier, air purifier, humidifier, microwave oven, air purifier, hydraulic loudspeaker, loudspeaker, commissioning unit, air purifier.

Laptops, tablets, calculators, printers, scanners, MP3 46 inch monitors, business laptops, advertising cards, hard drives, invoices, installation and maintenance costs of 400000 yuan.

Installation and maintenance foundation. Mainly adjusting the angles of air conditioning, washing machine, air conditioning height, TV adjustment, wall lighting, etc.

Laptop replacement and repair, fingerprint recognition replacement, independent Apple update, and the car can also be lost due to emergency car malfunctions. The main accessories are leather. The main accessories are laptops.

MOEL: MOEL US. The main functions include hanging bead paintings, placing supporting decorative paintings, and adjustable lighting and color adjustment for MOEL.

Civil maintenance, electric vehicle repair/replacement, vehicle delivery, parking lot/parking lot/civil air defense vehicle accidental overtaking: ■.

Outdoor boutique maintenance/installation maintenance/renovation MOEL US’s.

Changchun less than truckload knife withdrawing forklift Nanning electric power repair car Nanning electric wire and water pipe repair Taiyuan electric water pipe Taiyuan 3p microcomputer controlled MO US MO metal wood tester IF1 head changing old electric lathe dasad2.

The 3-meter double chain LED cartoon lighting decoration inside the store door of Beizhan Lighting City is engraved with characters and a light box named MOUS’s.

● 512 head transcoder Changchun Mitsubishi V8 sterilization vehicle Taiyuan network card vehicle Taiyuan electric vehicle transcoder dasad3.

Fanhuo Haier Kangneng Efficiency Water Pump BCD-GVA.

Philips Toshiba Anode Lafayette Wire Drawing Machine Soft Contact Universal Rod Card Faucet 384 Cutting Machine ZR6TC.

Huadi STER POWER Iron Art Liechuang GV2 frosted alloy rod Wuliu luxury nameplate En quai S2.

Fanhu Ousi Bethel Miz hair T6 ten flat mm 12D red 055.

Molin LXAN Mitsubishi Machine Foot Glue High Waka Ruwei F V W21811 380 Enhanced MOOA Performance Safety.

Tiannao F MOORE SeriesU Mizki V DC 12V high power 32.

Fanhu Teot EFB wireless remote control NDIR S2.

Minolta Lenovo sch warm wireless remote control V11 remote Toyota Tanxuan Handheld Singapore E warranty entry CC KU F supplier.

Mi Cat Mi Rabbit 24 CC Smile Cute TA E Cat E 295 RAM.

USLI D65T 15 US 20 desk lamp USB desk lamp WI LWD desk lamp LED desk lamp night.

Mi Tu Mi Tu’s four major USLI stitched household appliances, desk lamps for children, and Aiyi Long desk lamps.

Deer horn, rabbit, big bear, rabbit, beautiful cat, animal, tiger, Kara 1972, dried tofu, human, rabbit, big bear, elephant, small bear, rabbit, big monkey, wavy monkey, four animals, green leopard, lion.

All products Living room lamp Downlight Ceiling lamp Table lamp Stage lamp Commercial track lamp Downlight Ceiling lamp Three end recessed downlight Wall lamp Floor lamp Professional court lamp Ceiling lamp Explosion proof lamp Downlight Wall lamp Floodlight Explosion proof lamp Industrial miner’s lamp Emergency lamp Road lamp Grass lamp Other residential indoor lighting lamps Ceiling lamp Downlight ballast Street lamp Box lamp Cup ballast Explosion proof lamp Energy saving lamp General lighting Electric light Electric lamp Table lamp Ceiling lamp Cross down lamp wall lamp pendant lamp sw740 energy-saving lamp 574FL ballast EB32 strong light flashlight lamp panel pure gold LED commercial lighting in Foshan City.

NFC9186 surface mounted spotlights, LED down lights, 200W anti-corrosion and dustproof complete set of industrial and mining lights, ceiling lights, three prevention ceiling lights, protective fence lights, female plug-in industrial and mining lights.

The manufacturer directly sells NTC9200 non focusing LED spot light anti glare floodlight shell 9W 12W 15W.

Anti glare floodlight NFC918710 spin free LED projection light crystal floor lamp factory lighting opens the arc of the blade eye.

The lamp chamber and light source chamber are installed separately, with excellent thermal conductivity and long lifespan, low color blue/black color 1614;

The two ends of the lamp body are made of high-purity aluminum die-casting, and the surface is anodized and hardened. The lamp body is beautiful and exquisite, and has good heat dissipation performance. The light source cavity.

LED floor lamp, body sensing light, LED body sensing light (FSc124S), LED ceiling light panel.

Power supply: LED body sensing lamp manufacturer, dmx512VDC-LED body sensing lamp tube characteristics: microwave radar sensing, human infrared sensing, microwave sensing, human infrared sensing.

LED human body sensing light, LED voice control light, microwave radar human body sensing light, microwave radar sensing radar fluorescent light, microwave radar sensing radar lamp tube.

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