What are the requirements for hospitality lighting clearance?

What are the requirements for hospitality lighting clearance? What kind of lights are needed for hospitality lighting? What is the typical price for custom lighting fixtures? How to choose the appropriate lighting fixtures?

The selection of hospitality lighting fixtures (minimum energy efficiency level) is designed based on actual situations and effects, and of course, it can also be directly referenced (the so-called size generally depends on the lighting conditions of other hotels). For example, the gas foundation support policy can only avoid risks in reality; hospitality lighting fixtures in Guangdong Province; hospitality lighting; hospitality lighting fixtures; hospitality lighting; hospitality lighting; Restaurant lighting; Table lamp; Downlight; Bedroom lighting.

● Bedside lights. The selection of bedside lights should be based on actual environmental needs. The selection of bedside lights should be based on the overall style.

● Mirror headlights. Should choose well-known ones both domestically and internationally; Sanitary, moisture-proof, and fog proof lighting fixtures. Mirror headlights in the bathroom and study. You can choose from art lamps, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, and desk lamps.

Light luxury style lighting fixtures are widely circulated in foreign countries, such as some restaurants. Their effects and dates can be called light luxury, which is very important to install in any space, and can be divided into at least five styles.

● Bedside lights. The general light sources for bedside lamps are desk lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps. To avoid glare, small spotlights can be installed. We can install wall lamps, down lamps, or spotlights at the bedside, which is very rare. If you want to buy a broken bedside lamp, it is best to save some bulbs. (3) Luminaires. Even in narrow spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, and hallways, you can choose some appropriately.

● Lighting. We can use other appropriate methods to compare chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, and candlesticks. For example, after turning on the lights, we can check if the light is bright, or if reading or family members may feel a bit dazzled, and it is easy to associate certain situations where light sources are needed at any time. Therefore, when turning on the pool lights, we need to find that the lighting brightness is good, but candles are difficult to adjust.

005: A reward of 5000 bedside lamps, freely available. The first depends on the early use of visual aids, and the second depends on the previous use of the naked eye. The third step is to preserve the original items, so we have arranged the living room and dining room very well. Fourthly, it depends on reality. People have high requirements for brightness, so it is necessary to choose “energy-saving” and long lifespan lighting fixtures. Make full use of today’s lighting design to alleviate the shortage of excess lighting and alleviate psychological fear.

I hope the lights in your home touch each other, eliminate tension and stress, and define lighting as “emotional”.

Light intensity “refers to enhancing the sense of space and creating quality” hard “under special circumstances of spatial activities. Generally speaking, on the basis of hard media, the designed light intensity can be less than 1mm overall, less than 107 overall, and the distance between lights should not exceed 15mm, which is fully related to the environment, such as TV background wall top lights, reflection down lights, spotlights, floor lights, plant lights, etc., in order to save energy to the maximum extent and reduce the burden of human resources.

One of the most important reasons for answering this is that the lighting effect is not good, and the effect of natural light is difficult to meet the daily needs of home life. I would like to explain it to everyone.

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