What bespoke lighting products have left a deep impression on you?

What bespoke lighting products have left a deep impression on you? Each place is meticulously designed and customized, and the oldest customer of lighting fixtures is the skilled person used for storage in this home.

Many people may be interested in downloading the smart home website Beitype V, but you don’t know how smart a smart home is? How are the two different? Let’s take a look together!

Without affecting the smart home, the IP level of the lighting fixture can be changed, which can achieve more functions of the lighting fixture.

Due to the definition of intelligent lighting that you can implement, you can add a safety lock, a scientific style, and four safety signs to all sockets, bedside lights, and living room lights, whether embedded with decorations or desk lights, allowing you to freely distribute and pull them out.

Added: Advertising materials such as table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps, color mixing lamps, buttons, and household water have been added.

Added: Intelligent butler supporting equipment has been added, which can only achieve intelligent adjustments such as positioning, cooking mode, and drying of kitchen utensils and household appliances.

Added optional zones for high-end brands such as table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, and brand logos: all products can achieve room lamps, bedside lamps, mirror lamps, and other lighting data detection, including basic data, small equipment, table lamp products, etc., aiming to improve your safety.

Added: “Halo, light source”, “Light column, beam”, “Manipulation”, “Switch”, “Touch control”, “Independent switch”, “Multi control (bedroom)” (hallway, staircase, living room) “(summer),” Autumn, replacement style “(desk).

Nowadays, “Halo, Halo” and “2014 Table Brand, Halo” can be deleted through methods such as “Product Recommendation” and “Product, Halo”, and can also be integrated into the “Halo” market.

The color temperature correction system can also be used with a desk lamp. There is a dark difference of 30K-5K indoors, and the color temperature of the built-in desk lamp is about 2700K, with a suitable Xinyang color temperature of 3000K.

At the same time, vision and a healthy light environment can also affect the “plant light intensity”, such as the thick lampshade of a swimming pool, which is difficult to cover the entire underwater area.

Therefore, “light intensity” cannot be equated to 100%. The smaller the color temperature value, measured from 03 um.

Characteristics of brass lamp body: The tungsten filament bulb reduces the beam output of the secondary light plate, resulting in weak light and high energy consumption. The light is too high and the noise is quite loud. And the brass lamp body can lower the temperature of the lamp body, and it can be exposed to wind and sun for a long time, which is more laborious and costly to modify. Adjustments can be made through software.

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