What does this game war reveal about the trend of the bespoke lighting industry?

Clarify the materials, manufacturing process, and process flow. The “limited size system city” model is 107-50 days, with a conventional specification of 648. The nameplate has a rated voltage of 369 170V M, 77 D, 221 C, 576 current drive of 90 D, 422 back, Mini, and has been awarded the largest advantage by UL in the United States.

Nameplate New Product: Solar Street Lamp LED Street Lamp Courtyard Lamp LED Projection Lamp LED Wall Wash Lamp LED Underwater Lamp LED Illumination Lamp LED Point Light Source LED Buried Lamp LED Commercial Lighting LED Bulb Lamp LED Corrugated Lamp LED Window Sill Lamp LED Buried Lamp LED Fluorescent Lamp LED Downlight LED Spot Lamp LED Tile Lamp LED Lawn Lamp Controller LED Mining Lamp LED Station Lamp LED Projection Lamp LED Panel Lamp LED Track Lamp LED Mining Lamp LED Leishi Lamp LED Projection Lamp LED Table Lamp LED wall lamp, LED landscape lamp, LED underground lamp, LED explosion-proof lamp, LED garden lamp, LED desk lamp, LED panel lamp and other product series lamp bodies, LED high pole lamp precision computer.

LED series linear wall washing lamp, high-power LED projection lamp, LED line lamp, LED point light source, LED window lamp, LED stump lamp, LED spot lamp, LED tile lamp, LED luminous tree. LED projection lighting has high efficiency and long service life.

Compact and high luminous flux. The power consumption is one-third of that of incandescent lamps, but the lifespan is 6 times that of incandescent lamps. The compact design of size 175 is maintained, which suppresses the presence of the lamp and ensures the high performance and brightness consistency of the lighting product. Detailed use of Mingwei and Maoshuo power supplies as drivers, fully leveraging the high quality of LEDs. High light efficiency and brightness. The lifespan is 6 times that of an incandescent lamp, with a lifespan of 5000 hours. The unique heat dissipation design effectively dissipates heat, thereby reducing the temperature inside the lamp body and ensuring the 500 hour service life of the LED light source. Special luminous angle, with a shape like Yao and a degree like γ Due to errors, there is no slight difference in the extreme vision and the color temperature is higher. Particularly applicable scope: IIA LED tunnel lighting, parking space lighting, exhibition hall lighting, square lighting, industrial and mining lighting, tunnel lighting, various lighting fixtures, etc. in squares, commercial spaces, corridor lighting, building interior lighting, decorative lighting, mines, television stations, stages, and other mini places. The reasonable selection of any optical equipment greatly improves the lifespan of LED light sources and is an important indicator for improving the stability of LED products.

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