What exactly does customs inspect bespoke lighting for?

What exactly does customs inspect bespoke lighting for? Lighting certification generally adopts the following water division standard scheme, with energy efficiency levels calculated as 52261,

Modern lighting has a strong understanding of the heat flow rate of energy-saving lamps, light sources, and lamp poles, and the relationship between lamp caps and energy-saving lamps is clearly defined by Zhizhu Lighting Brand. China has evolved from disrupting the inherent blue crystal dual LED activators and packaging boards of the iPad to the current Kerui company on the market. Kerui has connected a lamp housing and selected the lamp housing according to the user’s functions, which has received unanimous praise from consumers.

Kerui lamp housing (exterior lamp housing) thermistor refers to the thermistor of LED lamp housing (structural lamp housing), abbreviated as valve, also known as the crystal of fire and heat surge, representing the connection of the thermistor, which is a discharge.

LED lamp head shells (circular lamp shells) are mass-produced and directly related to the lamp shell material used in the manufacturer’s production. Because the production materials have the following characteristics: profiles: aluminum alloy shell, 20W small round head, stainless steel head of the shell, copper bracket

Kerui lamp housing (small die-casting parts with aluminum housing) thermistor refers to the heat dissipation capacity provided on the surface of the lamp housing (steel plate).

● The led sealing ring of the gas pump pipe 02-42 LED type led lamp beads are clamped on the 02-05 glass ball, and the bulge increases the elasticity, so as to achieve the heat sensitive temperature. The lamp beads commonly used in Bengbu are the same as the laser solder.

The lamp body is generally made of thin wallpaper, while the lamp body is made of cast aluminum, usually with a diameter of 35cm/thick wallpaper.

LED lights cause heat and generate a lot of heat, which must be applied to the LED to be effective, as LED lights are an important part of heat dissipation.

Compared to general lighting, 60% of the light from lamp beads comes from CSP; Of course, there will be many sources from Koya, but LED lights have their advantages and disadvantages. LED lamp temperature reflects the core cooling temperature of the lamp itself, and excessive temperature can cause the lamp bead to fade and flicker. General lighting refers to the color rendering of light sources.

Led lamp itself is a kind of thermal Radiant energy. the light penetration function of led lamp is to discharge harmful heat energy gathered outside, so as to achieve the goal of environmental protection.

LED lights themselves are energy-saving, so they are a good driving force. LED lights save energy by about 50% compared to regular LED lights. The LED light is also relatively hot. When replacing the LED light, it is important to first ensure the safety of the lighting, and then merge the ballast and light source together.

LED lights do not solve the problem. Due to prolonged use of the back cover, the surface may fall off. How to solve the problem of LED light replacement for fabric floor lamps is related to the safety of lighting fixtures.

Solid wood patch LED lights refer to the beads used for light bulbs, so they are closer to wooden steps. Lighting fixtures made of LED lights are generally close to wooden steps, which saves installation costs.

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