What is the bespoke lighting product

What is the bespoke lighting product? American style lighting appliances, foreign trade power supply mall/dealer performance KTV lighting series outdoor engineering lighting chips, light cups, switches, signs, neon lights, blister characters, PVC characters, LED blister lights, neon lights, backlight lights, LED backlight lights, electrical materials, wires and cables, cables, RVs, photography equipment, safety appliances, outdoor landscape lighting, ship products, exhibition hall lighting, glass, swimming pool lighting Advertising signage lighting, etc; Light box billboards, outdoor image signs, signs, outdoor signs, outdoor furniture, wall lamps, light boxes, advertising slogans, signs, LED window characters, image walls, love iron and copper, acrylic light boxes, electronics, printing, light box products, light electrical accessories, lighting fixtures and their components, office furniture, hardware products, LED lighting fixtures, glassware, lighting fixtures, light electrical accessories, lighting optoelectronic appliances Lighting control equipment, lighting processing equipment, plastic products, electronic components, communication equipment.

Excellent products, excellent reputation, reasonable prices, reasonable commodity prices, and comprehensive after-sales service.

1-30 meter solar rubber panel series, 2-30 meter solar rubber cloth cover, and 3-30 meter solar rubber cloth cover.

According to the company’s requirements, in order to meet the needs of the market and customers, and to make customers more satisfied with the products they use, we will properly keep the products of the petrochemical industry.

We need you to have a technology team, reasonably configure equipment, provide buyers with complete pre-sales facilities, and provide after-sales service follow-up. And provide non consumable treatment for spare parts and products. In order to ensure your rights and interests, convenient users have the right to establish cooperation and guarantee here.

Comply with product instructions and testing standards, fulfill their usage protection, maintenance, disassembly work, and warehouse acceptance standards.

Non professional personnel should not make frequent changes due to the use of the above situations, which may cause injury or death to maintenance personnel.

Maintenance personnel must have comprehensive first aid job safety operation training with professional electrical technology characteristics, be familiar with electrical performance systems, automation lines, equipment inlet and outlet line rating standards, and fault inspection screens.

According to the technical specifications of the equipment, maintenance personnel conduct electrical maintenance or timing adjustments based on the installation code of the equipment, maintaining illumination. Maintenance personnel automatically check the IC current based on the fault, and continuously illuminate for more than 24 hours.

The junction box must be covered with a protective cover, and the connecting wires must be protected before operation to ensure the safety of equipment use.

Regular wiping and disinfection, as well as cloth cleaning, will reduce damage to electrical appliances and prevent contamination of the cabin.

Strictly follow the equipment technical specifications, wear gloves to inspect the equipment and also wear gloves to prevent puncturing the gloves.

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