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What is the installation of pendant light

What is the installation of pendant light


In this article, ANC Lighting will explain "What are the types of pendant light" to you, hoping to be helpful.

Large pendant lights are mounted on structural layers, such as floor panels, roof trellings, and beams. Small pendant lights are often mounted on shelving or reinforced joists. Pendant pendant lights, either individually or in combinations, are manufactured by a lighting manufacturer.

For large areas and strip lighting, pendant light boxes and lamp holders are often used.

Material have prepared

(1) construction materials: commonly used materials are as follows.

(1) wood (different specifications of water square, wood, water board), aluminum alloy (plate, profile), steel (section steel, flat steel, steel plate), mainly for supporting members.

ANC-What Is The Installation Of Pendant Light

(2) plastic, plexiglass board, glass partition, decorative veneer and heat board, copper.

Electrochemical aluminum plate for decorative components.

(3) other accessories such as screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps and lanterns, adhesive, etc.

(2) construction tools: pliers, screwdriver, hammer, electric curve saw, hammer, hand data, ruler, paint brush, etc.

Structural layer connection

(1) operation method: mainly consider the connection of embedded parts and transition parts.

(1) first in the structure layer embedded iron or wood brick (water brick load bearing exception).

The embedding position should be accurate and should have enough adjustment leeway.

(2) in the iron and wood brick on the transition connector, in order to adjust the adjustment of the parts of the error, and the management of the parts of the nail, welding, screw through.

(3) boom, sling and transition connecting pieces.

(2) installation precautions: the following three points should be paid attention to during installation and construction.

(1) installation, such as a number of pendant light, should pay attention to their position, length of relationship, can be installed at the same time pendant light ceiling installation, so it can be based on the ceiling joists, adjust the position of the lamp and discretion.

(2)boom out of the ceiling beard surface can be directly out of the method and add casing method.

The method of adding meeting pipe is conducive to installation, which can ensure the integrity of roof panel, and only drill holes where the pipe is needed.

Directly out of the ceiling cup, the installation of the board drilling is not easy to find.

Sometimes it is possible to use the method of cutting the hole in the panel by installing the derrick first, but it affects the decoration effect.

(3) boom should have a certain length of thread, in order to adjust the height of use.

The pendant light box is suspended below the sling rod. Note the reliability of the connection.

Joist connection

Boom, sling wire is nailed directly, twist on second joist, or the method that USES afore-mentioned board face to perforate is connected on vertical embellish grid.

Or hanging in the second pick between another cross joist.

The power of light source used by ceiling lamp: incandescent bulb is 40 ~ 100W, fluorescent lamp is mostly 30 ~ 40W.

The above is the complete content of "What is the installation of pendant light" introduced by you. Thank you for your reading. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.


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